How Can Exercise Help In Controlling Anger

Young boy looking angry, clenching teeth against gray background

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Do you find yourself losing your cool under hectic situations or find the people around you getting on your nerves, most often? Would you like to know the secret of attaining the “hypercool” state? Well, the power is within you. Gear up and take up exercising.

The numerous health benefits of exercises range from physical to psychological benefits. Many of us are aware of the physical benefits. But very few realise its psychological effects which includes stress reduction, increase in confidence level, attainment of high levels of alertness and most important of all, anger management. Discussed below are some of the crucial benefits of exercises in keeping the worst of all emotions, anger in control.

Exercises channelise your anger: One of the crucial benefits of exercises is its ability to channelise your pent up anger. Fitness programs, bootcamp workouts and energy demanding sports are some of the best ways to channelise your anger. These workouts are systematically designed, fun filled, challenging and as you gradually increase the intensity of these workouts, they become more demanding in terms of energy. These programs and workouts are efficient ways to lose fat, build stronger body and also to burn out your anger along with those extra calories. So, if you find yourself on the verge of explosion most often, then it’s high time you enroll yourself in a fitness program or try your hand at some of the most energy demanding sports like tennis, boxing or rowing.

Exercises reduce depression and thereby anger: Depression at the sea causes tornado. So does the depression in you. It has the ability to cause havoc to you and your surroundings. Depression, most often finds its way out through anger. So, a control over depression will work wonders in subsiding the anger. Just get involved in outdoor activities like cycling, rock climbing and enjoy yourself in the luxurious laps of nature, it will have a positive effect on you. Get involved in group activities and team sports like basketball, beach volleyball to enjoy the benefits of team work and kick out the depression and its subsidiary anger out of you.

Exercises improve concentration on inner self: Excersises like yoga, taichi and breathing techniques improve your concentration on the inner self, the best way to attain the eternal bliss. These techniques, once mastered will reap you innumerable benefits. Constant practice of these exercises results in increased flow of blood to the brain, which in turn leads to clarity in thoughts and control over the gravest of emotions, anger.

So, take time, relax and chart out your plan. If you are a short fuse or a live wire who people dread to encounter, then, start with a high energy demanding sports to channelise those unwanted energy into constructive activities .When the emotion is under control, enroll yourself in fitness programs and give yourself a try in the outdoor activities to keep the anger at the bay. Gradually get into the habit of practicing breathing exercises to uproot the anger from your life. Remember, anger is an enemy within you. It is possible to combat and eradicate it from your life in a gradual manner. Keep exercising. Have a happy and healthy life.


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