How Bad Behavior Can Negatively Affect Your Divorce

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

Divorce is never easy on anyone involved no matter what the situation is. In some instances, however, immature individuals during a divorce may act out in certain ways due to the emotional toll. Bad behavior can be expressed by anyone. One of the best but most difficult steps for some individuals to take is to realize that the marriage has come to an end, and proceed to try to make the best possible life for everyone involved become a possibility – outside of reconciliation.

When one understands that reconciliation is not going to happen, it is in the best interest of both parties in a divorce to set aside all disputations that have led to divorce, and to concentrate on working together to come to a settlement outside of court. Hiring a divorce attorney in Troy, MI can help to make that happen through fair-minded mediation and advice. Doing so saves money, time and helps each person involved to express their desires in regard to post-divorce life, make compromises on their own, and come to a resolution on their own, rather than being handed down a judgment from a judge with which no one is usually entirely satisfied.

When couples refuse to compromise or work together in mediation to come to a settlement in regard to divorce, it is usually due to emotional resentment, stubbornness and revenge. In case such as this, divorce cases inevitably wind up in a courtroom setting, for which you will need to hire a divorce attorney in Troy, MI.

In court, an individual is no longer attempting to seek solutions with the other party, but to convince the judge that he or she should have whatever it is that is being sought, whether assets or custody rights. The judge may be a harder case to win over if one’s motive is based more on emotions than it is on legal grounds. Expressing contempt, whether through body language, a bitter tone of voice, legally irrelevant accusations, eye-rolling, or other attitudinal problems will probably hurt an individual’s case more than help it. The judge will see you, as well as your divorce attorney, but will probably pay more attention to your behavior if it is disrespectful.

An attitude of humility and respect is likely to enhance one’s concentration on the legalities of a case, however. Once you hire a divorce attorney in Troy, MI, he or she will likely advise you to dress well for the occasion, be on time, and how to appropriately address the judge and the court.

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