How and Why to Be More Assertive?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

The art of saying and firm, but polite putting on their own, which is unfortunately not possessed by everyone, and it is thanks to it, you can greatly improve the quality of my life and relationship with the environment. Assertiveness is a psychology term that means exactly have and to express their own opinion, as well as the direct expression of emotions and attitudes that takes place within the territory of mental alter the rights of others. Assertiveness is revealed only at the verbal level, never aggressive.

Thus, a person who is assertive, has always clearly defined opinions, objectives, and can control their emotions. It is not vulnerable to pressure, there is no tampering. At the same time assertive person does not ignore the emotions and needs of other people, but definitely care about their own interests.

Why be assertive?
Based on the previously mentioned characteristics of an assertive person immediately formulated a view of the benefits that can be achieved when their owner. An assertive works better in society, including within the family and friends. The fact that it has their own opinion and expectations of their environment and high self-awareness, establish better contacts, aims to achieve realistic goals, do not take too difficult tasks, which could be due to start outside pressure. Also, assertive person does not hide his emotions, not misleading other people, do not lie to them and not condemn them guessing. Open and at the same time to communicate your firm attitude minimizes the number of conflict situations. Assertiveness allows for healthy functioning of society, and therefore it is a very desirable feature of today, not only in private life, because it will also be useful in the workplace.

Where does assertiveness?
To a large extent, assertiveness is a learned skill. Some being assertive in different situations is easier, others harder, so for those who have special assertiveness recommended assertiveness training. They are carried out by special centers, including psychologists. They can be done in groups or individually. Of course, to be more assertive, no need to immediately sign up for the workshop. There are also numerous publications, including websites that deal with what is assertiveness, and how to become a more assertive person. Assertiveness training is also because theory is not everything. The real test is a test of skills in stressful situations.

So if you want to be more assertive just find a person who can teach you something about this. Now that the Internet is open this will not be a problem.



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