How Anchoring Can Lead You To Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Have you ever wondered why Sports brand Nike pay sports stars
millions of dollars to wear clothes brandishing the famous swish
logo? They do it because they understand the power of anchoring.

Nike paid Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan millions of dollars to don
the 'Nike' cap and apparel. Were they crazy?

No! They were aware that by having them put on the Nike equipment,
consumers would associate 'Nike' with similar intense states of
motivation and inspiration that is projected by these two famous
sports personalities.

When people watched Jordan and felt incredible, they would see the
Nike Swish. Sure enough, seeing the swish gave people great
feelings and states of power, motivation and confidence which were
anchored to the visual swish logo.

By using the power of anchoring, Nike has become the largest and
most successful sports apparel company in the world. When Nike
first started paying millions of dollars to sports stars, many of
their competitors thought they were mad to waste so much money but
at the end of the day it is Nike who is laughing all the way to the

Don't get manipulated...create your own powerful anchors!

If advertisers spend millions of dollars to constantly anchor
powerful states in you to their brands, isn't it time you took
control and started creating powerful anchors for yourself?

Do you know how couples fall deeply in love? They get fantastic
feelings of love anchored to a person's face and voice.

As time is spent together, anchors of all these great feelings
start to be linked with their partner's face and voice. So, every
time they think of each other, they feel wonderful!

Conversely, why do people often fall out of love after a while? It
is because the positive anchors eventually collapse and are
replaced with negative anchors.

When you are in a relationship, you are bound to have
misunderstandings and unhappy moments. The danger comes when you
see your partner's face while you are feeling these negative

After some time, those negative feelings of hurt and anger get
linked to that person's face, voice and touch.

Over time, just thinking of that person brings up all those
negative feelings. This is why many people, once so in love, reach
a stage when they cannot see each other without getting upset and
fighting. As a result, they eventually fall out of love and break

Anchoring is a process that we all are subjected to, all the time.
We must understand the power of anchoring for two reasons.

The first is to install powerful anchors so that resourceful states
can be accessed at any time we need to perform at our peak.

The second is to understand how negative anchors limit us. This
way, we can collapse them and stop them from controlling us.

Once you understand how anchors can work to help you tap into your
most resourceful states, you can use it to move you faster towards
your goals!

So make use of of the power of anchoring now to lead you to success.

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