Effects of Sleep Deprivation In Adolescents

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2018

Sleep is very essential for maintaining various body functions. When you sleep the body would refresh the neurons. Moreover, the mental health benefits of sleep are excellent as they help to restore the energy and provide stamina. During the teen years, sleep is very as they are very active. The majority of teenagers require sleep of around 9 hours a day. Two key reasons that leading to sleep deprivation in teenagers are:

  1. Social changes and pressures.

Teenagers are generally acquainted to do lots of activities like watching TV, sport, school, homework, etc. and it is found that sleep is usually placed in the low priority list.  Moreover, there are lots of social influences that influence sleep behavior. Teenagers believe that being awake and active is better than sleeping. They do not know the benefits of sleep at all.

  1. Circadian (sleep/wake) rhythm factors

During the teenage period, there is a setback of the melatonin or sleepy hormone production. It is this hormone which would not be generated prior evening and hence they will not feel tired or sleepy. But, later during the morning, they find it difficult to wake up.

Sleep Deprivation Effect

Some of the effects of sleep deprivation for teenagers are listed below:

  1. Decrease ability to learn

The key horrible effect of sleep deprivation found on teenage brain is a reduction in their ability to learn.

  1. Lower memory rate

Sleep deprivation is known to decrease the memory. It is a kind of meditation for health and study also stated that students with enough sleep possess better memory during the learning process.

  1. Lack of concentration and focus

Not just there has been a lack of memory, but teenager facing issues of sleep deprivation will be unable to stay concentrated. During the daytime, they would feel sleepy.

  1. Depression and anxiety

Lack of sleep would let the brain get depressed and feel anxiety. Some researchers found that those teenagers who go to bed early would have reduced chance to face any mental illness like hopelessness and anxiety.

  1. Poor decision making

Because of lack of concentration, it is known that sleep deprivation may cause the teenager to jump to wrong decision or make them incapable to resolve certain problems.

  1. Negative behavior

The mental illness originating from sleep deprivation would influence the behavior of teenagers greatly. Improper sleep can make teenagers behave under control and so they get used to alcohol, caffeine, etc.

  1. Emotional

Teenagers facing concerns from sleep deprivation usually have lower emotion control. Because of losing concentration and mental illness, these teenagers would begin abusing or carry out some negative things.

  1. Mood swings

It is a fact that the brain produces many anti-stress hormones while we sleep. Absence of sleep would let the brain to incapable to release the substance and it also influences the mood of teenagers.

  1. Increase frustration

The Mental health wellbeing of teenagers is severely influenced by the feeling of frustration. Because the brain of teenagers gets easily affected by absence of sleep due to stress, they will easily get frustrated.

  1. Tend to lose motivation

Sleep deprivation worsens the functioning of some parts of the brain. This will make teenagers to often lose motivation because of the slow functioning of the brain and stress.

Preventing sleep deprivation in teenage kids
Parents should make it a point to avoid their teenage kids from depriving sleep. They should try to make sure that their teenage kids are getting proper sleep. Teenagers have to be aware of the importance of sleep and should adhere to the schedule that has been planned for them. Sleeping time should not be changed during weekends. Try to make sure that teenagers sleep early even on weekends. Teenagers should take naps during day time. For boosting up a proper brain function, it is essential to take a twenty minute nap. Caffeine should be avoided during night time, as it will become difficult to sleep at night. Drinking milk before going to bed will help in feeling sleepy. Gadgets like smart phones, computers and video games should be avoided before sleep time, as it will help in keeping sleep away. Parents should try to plan a good schedule so that sleep time always gives good preference.

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