Hope, a Dream Made of Awakenings

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Hope, a dream made of awakenings

My heart is pounding!
How many times my hope will be put to the test?
How many proofs that it will pass? All that is there in the air, bags, underwear flying clogged money, my, our cash reserve that hard to educate the poor children that we care for them free of health and parents, this money travels in baggage of impunity and I can not anymore.
How many times, my friend, my boy, my confidence will be put to the test?
How many times my hope will wait on the pier?
It is true that there are tough times to improve the learner, but not sure what the lie of bad Brazilians will break our nose.
My heart is in the dark, the light is simple, watered the simple advice of my father, my mother, my grandmother and the righteous who preceded them: "Thou shalt not steal," "Return the pencil classmate", "This is not your pointer, my daughter. " Instead, so much vile and disgusting I had to listen.
Until preventive habeas corpus, something which had never seen and talk about what my poor logic still insists: this is the kind of benefit that will interest only the guilty. Well, if you got to me, with the old and true faith of my people suffered, so now I'm bragging:'ll still be more honest.
Just kidding! They will say: "Do not be silly, since everyone here Cabral who steals" and I say, "No matter, this will be my carnival, will rely more and again. Myself, my brother, my son and my friends, we will pay Clean whom we must receive clean and our customer. Eventually, we can be free, ethical and escambau. "
They will say: "It is useless, everyone here is corrupt, from the first man who came from Portugal." I say: do not admit, my hope is immortal. I repeat, you hear?
Immortal! I know you can not change the beginning, but if we want, will give to change the ending! Just kidding - singer Ana Carolina (Composition: Elisa Lucinda)

Hope is full of confidence. And something wonderful and beautiful, a lamp lit in our hearts. It is the engine life. It is a light toward the future. (Conrad de Meester)

The unfading hope she does not get tired, do not succumb to the belief. Go up on the wings of dreams disbelief, turn dreams on the wings of hope. (Augusto dos Anjos)

The hope would be the greatest of human strength, if there was despair. (Victor Hugo)

The end of hope is the beginning of death. (Charles de Gaulle)

The real hope is a quality, a determination of the heroic soul. And the highest form of hope is despair overcome. (Georges Bernanos)

Hope is the only common good to all men; those who have nothing - still have it. (Tales Miletus)

Everything that lives, lives change because, because change happens, and because passes, dies. Everything that lives perpetually becomes something else, constantly refuses, and escapes to live. (Fernando Pessoa)


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