Holding a Positive Attitude Will Make Your Life More Worthwhile

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Showing a positive attitude during unfortunate times will make a big difference in your life. It's up to you to choose whether to show a positive attitude or a negative one. Many people find it easier to choose the negative. A positive attitude will yeild the best results during difficult times, but it takes discipline and staying in control of your life.

What do you want people to say about you when you are not around them? Do you think your attitude make a difference in what people in your personal and professiona life say about you?Of course, your attitude creates the foundation for your success with the people in your life. Attitude is the most important factor in achieving success in your personal and professional life.Holding an upbeat positive attitude begins with believing in yourself, the most important person in the world..If you believe in yourself, you will also believe you have a purpose in life and that there will be all sorts of events in your life to help you realize your purpose.

No one wants to hang out with negative people; rather, they want to be with people who are upbeat, optimistic, and whose attitudes are positive.Frequently, a person's reputation, positive or negative, determines how successful they will be in their professional life. You will do well when you have a positive attitude and know how to get along easily with others.

There are a number of ways to have a positive attitude, one of which is to e aware of how you respond to others.Having a positive attitude toward others is the same as treating yourself with respect.We must be mindfuls of our mindset to make sure we are consistently working to make our attitude positive in order to see success in our preossional and personal lives.

Many things like time, the weather, and traffic are out of our control.We have to learn to accept them as they are because we have no control over them.What we CAN control is our attitude, our thoughts, and our reactions to these events.How we think, what we say to ourselves, and how we act it all out--these are under our control and oare part of the law of attraction. Our thoughts and reactions determine whether we attract positive or negative outcomes. Which is better to you?Obviously you would prefer positive outcomes. So, you need to be in control of what you think, what you say to yourself, and how you act it all out in order to keep a positive attitidue and attract positive outcomes. You need to catch yourself in the act of self pity, self criticism, jealousy, anger, etc

Once you've identified the negative thought, self-talk, or action, replace it with something positive. And that is how you stay positive--by choosing to put a positive spin on the things that you have control over. Staying positive is possible so long as you are always tuned in to what you think, what you say to yourself, and how your react and whether or not you accept or reject it.

Getting honest feedback from your family is a another method for working to maintain a positive attitude. Call on your best friends to talk about your efforts to stay positive.Be truthful with yourself about your attitude. Don't shy away from conducting a self-assment, and ask family, friends,and associates to conduct an assessment as well; you owe it to yourself.
If you are not aware, and do not reject negative thoughts, they will end up in your subconscious mind. You do not have the power to reject a negative thought once it enters your subconscious mind.In the subconcious mind, the negative thought goes to work with the laws of nature to attract negative outcomes.

Practice makes perfect, so if you continue to work at staying upbeat and Holding a positive attitude, you will see positive and lasting results. Your positive attitude will make a positive impression on people, who will want to work with you; this is how you will achieve success.

Attract into your life the outcomes you want by constantly being aware of your thoughts, acceptimg the positive and rejecting the negative. So, control your thoughts, and maintain a positive attitude.

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