Here Are Some Truths About Nadi Astrology

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Nadi Astrology is the most familiar term and many people around the world like to know about the truth behind that astrology and its influence of human life. This nadi astrology deals with the study of extraterrestrial bodies including sun, moon and stars and then associates their position and other facts to the feature and actions taking place in real life of humans. The word astrology is derived from Latin word Astrologia that means astronomy. A majority of people around the world gives significance to various types of astrology and they hardly believe on naadi jothidam and predict the horoscope to make decision on important things. Though Chinese, Mayans, Indians and several others are chiefly involved in jothidam. The system followed by those people become vastly popular and spread to other parts of the universe. Egyptians claim that horoscope astronomy has begun by them, but there is an evidence that shows which has been in practice at Ancient Indian well in advance. There are different formats of horoscope existing at present of which Vedic astrology is believed to be the oldest form. Generally four divisions of horoscope form of astrology are possible and each division means a particular intention. The basic principles of nadi astrology are used in these four sub divisions of astrology along with various techniques and diverse applications. From the four sub systems of naadi astrology several other subsets are also derived. Commonly the calculations of jothidam are based on the birth or events and predict the futuristic things on the basis of these factors. There is no doubt that naadi astrology requires in depth understanding and each individual have their own beliefs and opinions about astrology. It is considered as a culture and several studies are made on the particular naadi jothidam to know about the real truth of it. Many theories are based on astrology and not all the facets of science have been proved. Nowadays, horoscopes and jothida nilayam are found in a lot of place and it is most common to find out them in a majority of newspapers and magazines. The magazines and newspapers often contain various sections to deal about specific star signs. The horoscope found in these media is based on the zodiac signs and are capable to attract individuals with the specific zodiac. A majority of the people throughout the globe has tough belief in nadi astrology and horoscopes and the number varies with each nation. Most of the present day people are ready to pay to the astrology predictors to predict their particular horoscope and they are willing to take action on the basis of calculation given by the most popular astrologer. Here is the emergence of few websites now revealing valuable information regarding nadi astrology and naadi jothidam which is highly possible to find out qualified astrologer through online sites and secure their services.

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