Healthy Living: What It Is And What It's Not

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

It's easy to define a healthy individual. It's someone who is physically and mentally fit, someone who doesn't get sick often, and someone who enjoys a good life. And yet, no matter how easy it is to recognize someone who's healthy, getting into that stage of living-the healthy stage-is not too easy. Many are in search of a healthy living, and there are also many products claiming to give just that. There are diet pills, diet programs, weight loss, and all the solutions to every other health-related problem you can think of.

But despite the abundance of products claiming to be the road to a healthier living and overall well-being, why is obesity still a big problem? Why are there many people who still suffer from serious illnesses like cancer and stroke?

The Road to Good Health

The answer to the questions above is this: various misconceptions and lack of understanding about health. Many people only have a vague idea of health, while others have a distorted view of the subject. And with loads of information that individuals are bombarded with every day, it's easy to be confused. Therefore, everybody must have the ability to sort out all the information available. What is a healthy living and what is it not? What is the best means to get there?

* A healthy life is not focused on a single aspect of health alone, like weight loss; it is all about overall balance. Many people think that being healthy means losing weight. That if you've got a great and sexy body, you're healthy. That the lower your weight is, the better. It's no wonder weight loss pills and diet programs are very in demand today. But, the fact is, healthy is not equal to losing weight. Being healthy is much more than that. To be healthy means to stay within the right range of weight according to your age. It means overall well-being-physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

* A healthy life isn't all about getting there faster; it's all about getting there slowly but surely. Many people want things easily and fast, so they often resort to health pills that promise results in as early as a few weeks. But sadly, it doesn't work that way. If you want real health, you have to maintain a steady and consistent method-regular exercise and healthy meals everyday. You have to maintain self-discipline. You might not get there at once, but you will get better results in the end.
* A healthy life isn't all about artificial medicine; it's all about the basic-all natural rawfoods and physical activity. Nothing beats eating fresh fruits and vegetables, plus regular exercise (even a daily walk will do), to achieving good health-not any miracle pill and not the best artificial health tablet you can find. After all, most over-the-counter diet pills are only food supplements, not food substitutes.

So, if you want to enjoy healthy living, separate the facts from the misleading information. By knowing what's really important when it comes to good health, you should have no problem getting there.

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