Healthy Living & Wellness Tips For People Welfare

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Leading a healthy life is extremely essential if health speaks well then all is well.
Healthy living makes healthy mind and that results better approach for anything desired. If
you and your surrounding are built healthy and eco-friendly the freshness involved enhances
the zeal of confidence and creativity. Making health your inspiration with green living
tips that can lead to great heights as all what matters is good living.
Healthy living and wellness tips for San Diego and worldwide people welfare are herewith
mentioned for sharing better stands to stay and make surrounds healthier. Fresh air, open
environment, healthy physique and thoughtful mind these factors we all crave for but
efforts fewer. Eco wellness is an essential as environmental health depicts to look after
the wellness of your surroundings. As what you sow you reap the same, if you make your
environment surrounding sound with green living tips that will give productive results to
you as well.
In this section let's talk about San Diego healthy living and wellness tips for people
welfare that are result oriented when taken care carefully and frequently for wellness:
Stay Healthy With Appropriate Diet:
• Burn the fat and feed the muscles with increasing green diet in your meal.
• Acquire low fat meal with high proteins and nutrients within for improving health
• Add salad and sprouts in your early breakfasts or in brunch.
• Reduce drinking soda instead switch to fresh juices.
• Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water I day time so as to let your skin be fresh
naturally all day long and you be refreshed entire day routine.
• Add cereal, oats, rich fiber and nutrient content in your meal that will keep you
healthy living and active all day long.
Scheduling Appropriate Workouts:
• Make proper schedules for daily workouts as it keeps you refreshing whole day to
repel any burden.
• Build your routines as per the work schedules and fix certain hours as said by the
• Never give a miss to your daily exercise as it builds your resistance to work
stress free.
• Devote as much possible time in healthy living and appropriate workouts, schedule
better timings for weekends as well as more of spare time can be taken out.
For Spiritual & Mental Peace- Go Green:
• Mental peace results rejuvenated healthy living that keeps you enthusiastic towards
your work.
• Make gardening or planting trees in your backyard that will enrich freshness and
good thoughts with fresh air surroundings.
• Take out time in the early morning for some relaxing picks like meditations or some
of the asana that will give a glow to your face and an energizing attitude to your health.
• Take your pets for walk when you back at home towards some garden side or nearby
some naturally acquainted place San Diego that will fill your nerves again with freshness
after a tiring routine.
Proper Sleep Ends the Entire Stress:
• Many-a-times we avoid sleep for completing our office task or remaining household
task, try to wind up these tasks in early day time or in weekend.
• Take proper complete sleep or you will end with ruining further days with stress,
restlessness and bad affect on health.'
• Proper sleep ends all your stress and rejuvenates all energy to work with same zeal
next day, so make it an essential task.
• Avoiding sleep will reduce your speed of work and confidence to work and you will
appear lazy all times which befalls a bad impact. Instead talk a proper sleep and stay
fresh to work with full enthusiasm and faster speed in all day run.
Staying healthy is most essential and effective key to let you work all day long stress
free and full energy and enthusiasm with green living tips. Speed up your routine and make
your living more soothing with healthy green living tips and wellness tips that can make an
effective and result oriented difference in your lifestyle. So built a better, healthier
and more fruitful living for your balanced life and be inspiration for others wellness as

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