Healthy Living Tips - 24

Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2015

Eat whole grains: The outer bran of grains is richer, and whole grains give healthier carbohydrates than processed ones. Eat a varied diet: Balance your diet with a spread of various food teams to make sure that you simply get all of the right nutrition you would like.

Find out the suggested serving size: analysis regular parts for food so you do not gormandize.

Keep healthy foods on hand: create healthy meals and snacks simply accessible, thus you will eat them rather than ones that square measure dangerous for you.

Eat lots of eggs: Eggs square measure high in supermolecule and jam-packed with vitamins.

Steam your vegetables: defend the inhibitory properties of your vegetables by steaming them rather than boiling or microwaving them.

Avoid processed foods: Do your best to eat foods as near their wild as doable.
Healthy Living Tips

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