Healthy Living Starts In The Soul

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Healthy living does not just mean eating right and staying fit. It starts in the soul and is continued and expressed through what we do and say. Just about everything we feel will effect our body for the good and for the bad. You need to be just as aware of how your inner being is feeling as you do your outer being. Sometimes you need to be even more consciences about what is happening in your mind. Those who said mind over matter does not exist were not in touch with reality. What we think can directly affect or health in so many crucial ways. The energy we carry with us can go negative and then directly affect the body to cause illness and disease.

Emotions And Staying Healthy

If you want to stay healthy, you will want to make sure you keep your emotions in check. Negative feelings can eventually fester into physical ailments over time if not dealt with. It is extremely important to be aware if things are bothering you. If they are, make sure to resolve it fast. If you allow things to make you stressed out, you will eventually become sick. It is much harder to get well, than it is to maintain your health. A great way to combat conflicting emotions is to make sure you stay well rested. This will keep your mind sharp and capable of thinking things out and communicating clearly. You also need to eat well and have some physical release to maintain a balanced well-being. While we all can get our emotions over turned at times, it is very important to be able to get them back on track fast.

Listening To Your Inner Voice

A key component of healthy living is listening to your inner voice. We all have one and more times than not, it is right. If you have ever had a feeling something was not going to work out or turn bad, then it did, you have heard the inner voice. Many times we just put it aside or ignore it for whatever reason. This can cause us more stress than need be. If you just remember that your inner voice knows more than you do, you can save yourself the added aggravation. Less aggravation means a healthier mind and body and a longer life.

Fixing Your Physical State
Once you have realized that what you are feeling can manifest with physical ailments, you can now do something to fix it. Healthy living begins by bandaging up the soul and nursing it back to health with the body. This is a perfect time to go on a detox diet and treat you to a massage. Make sure the first thing you do is address the emotional aspect of the problem first. Once it is dealt with, your physical body can be healed faster. Remember, you cannot fully heal your outer body if you are still neglecting your inner one. The best and quickest way to heal is from the inside out.

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