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Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014


With all the media taunting the wummy packaged stuff we like to put in our bodies were having a hard time knowing and doing whats best for us and our families. Going to the doctor was something we rarely did as children. We didn't even have a doctor.
We grew up gardening and running to upper Canada to hunt and fish. We didn't spend much time in large malls and movie theaters, and we really didn't care we were having fun tromping in the woods. We lived like it was the 1800s most of the time. Learning how to build forts and fish with our hands. In the winter we made igloos and slept in them in the woods, really warm with a small fire in the middle or a mantle lamp setting on a wooden box.
Them were the simple days care free easy. It's not very often you ever hear of that kind of thing going on today. Yeah out doors adventures are still popular but it is rare you hear some family back packing 30 miles in the back woods to set up camp and live off the land for a month or so. The things we saw, the things we have experienced, WOW.
Living off the land was just what we've been taught. A practice we still enjoy. Nothing like getting up in the morning to a fresh bowl of clean ripe fruit, keeps you going all morning. Snacking on vegetables and nuts all afternoon. Snacking on raw foods most of the day while we did our thing felt like we were kings. Always having plenty, no one ever had to ask to eat. It was always there for the taking.
I remember taking naps our in the yard being too young to work in the garden. Watching my older siblings working and playing in and around the garden on sunny days. waking to a feast of endless varieties of raw foods in every season. Of course we cooked as  well but the favorites were always raw and available.
Simple living pays off
I guess what I am trying to get at is that we were created for raw foods. There is much argument about this subject and just about everything else in the universe, so do your own study. Much of what you need to know about healthy basics are readily available. I don't believe any one who can read has any reason to become ill. It doesn't have to be that way. I know the media says to open a box pour the contents in a bowl and serve it to those you love. You don't have to, however if you love them and yourself you will not do that.
You might be reading this because you what to know how to take care. Your on the right track, keep moving forward it will surely pay off, sooner than you think. In this nation, healthy living has taken a back seat to everything that brings big corporations money, you may have never had health education in school and if you did it may have been very preschool. It 's a shame, however, we have today to take a step. One your comfortable with, small or big. It is a beginning for health and one you will never regret.
Take it slow, first exchange one meal for only raw organic each day for a week or so. You may feel sluggish and have strange pains hear and there. Don't be alarmed your beginning to cleanse, that's a beginning for a healthy future.
This may all be totally new to some, if you can get raw prep books and play around. Have fun with it. If your having a craving you can't get away from, go ahead and cheat a little. This is not a diet it is a life style change and if you make an effort your body will really change, soon you won't recognize you any more. The energy and spirit with which you live will be light and happy, playful even.
As a Dr. I have seen my share of reminders as to why I have chosen this path. To much suffering, to much loss. Needlessly. We all like to eat and enjoy ourselves, God made foods to be enjoyed as they nourish. When you look down the road to 10 years from know just how do you see yourself if you make no changes now? Do you think you'll love what you become, or do you think change may help your future be what it should be?
I have been witness to the loss of so many from so much disease. It is uncalled for and can stop. The ones you love can be healthy. It is worth it to go against the norm to be an example and teach along the way. Thank you for having a healthy life.
Dr. Bev

About the Author
Dr. of Naturalpathy Medicine. I raised my six children on raw organic foods. They are well and one their way. I believe there should be a push for healthy living that replaces the junk food norm in our society. On one should not have to live a sickly unhealthy life, especially when it's not hard to live healthy. Our education system has little or no regard for what makes us healthy. on the whole the truth is pushed under whatever is available to make way for the convenient. Breakfast cereal instead of real food, etc. I have acquired several degrees in the health and sports nutrition field. It has always been my belief that great health should be our norm as a society. The temptation for quick and easy has replaced the very knowledge that we are not supposed to be sick. My goal in life is to change this and allow our future generations to live in perfect health.

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