Healthy For life - Tips for Staying Fit As you Age

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2014


It truly is believed that most changes and damage which occur as we age are caused by free radicals. Over time frame, this damage accumulates and causes body deterioration in addition to ill health. These are popular as signs of getting older!
Free radicals
Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms by using an odd (unpaired) lots of electrons and can always be formed when oxygen interacts by using certain molecules. These molecules are unstable; therefore they check out bond with other compounds, destroying their vigor plus vitality. Free radicals include extremely high chemical reactivity, which explains not just their normal biological things to do, but how they inflict problems for cells. The chief danger comes from the damage they do if they react with important cellular components like DNA, or the mobile membrane. To prevent free of charge radical damage, the body has a defense system of vitamin antioxidant. Free radicals have been connected to such diseases as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's tremors, most cancers, premature aging, collagen degeneration, varicose veins, arthritis, asthma, cataracts, retinitis, angina, rheumatism, cataracts, worry, hemorrhoids, heart disease, swing, senility, impairment of vision as a result of cataract and glaucoma, brittle bones and bone distortion (usually caused by osteoporosis or arthritis), bloated extremities, diseases that cut short life (such as melanoma, cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes), kidney in addition to liver disorders, memory loss and the like. Free radicals can be so are often neutralized by antioxidants. Free radicals alter the particular molecular structure of our own bodies and destroy our cells but we can fight them even in retirement years.
An antioxidant is a compound that gives up one of its electrons, thus returning the free radical on track thereby halting the damage. At the molecular levels, there is a constant battle taking place in our body between antioxidant nutrients and totally free radicals. Antioxidants continually combat the harmful effects of oxidation from the body by rendering "wayward" free radicals harmless. The net result of these work is that they prolong the relationship of cells, and for that reason prolong life itself. Antioxidants are readily offered from natural food sources and from dietary supplements and vitamins and have the ability to defeat free radicals from the body. Taken in adequate amounts, antioxidants can saturate all our cells and tissues to provide protection against free radicals. The human body produces antioxidants but usually, because of our surroundings and our lifestyles, they are inadequate.
The major herbal antioxidants are vitamin A, vitamin and mineral C (ascorbic acid), nutritional E, selenium and beta-carotene. Some are zinc, lipoic acid, glutathione, allium vegetables (garlic, onion plus leeks), co-enzyme Q10, bilberry, broccoli, cabbage, celery, kale, green peppers, oranges, mangoes, resveratrol (found inside the skins of dark-colored kiwi, and concentrated in red wine) and a lot more.
The Experience of Ageing
As most people age, they experience a decreasing down of mental ability to some degree. They have moderate forgetfulness and memory delays. It will require them longer to keep in mind a name or the best word. It becomes harder to learn something new so they can remember what they as soon as knew. These symptoms are all a part of the normal aging process and will not constitute a disorder.
Durability and activity
Regular activity is vital for good health. Anyone whose job is inactive must find time for regular fitness program, which need not end up being strenuous. Regular exercise achieves the following functions: weight regulation, joint mobility, flexibility, strengthening of the bone fragments and skeletal muscles as well as healthy heart. Exercise improves blood flow thereby providing nutrients towards the whole body especially for the surface of the epidermis. Exercise helps to reduced blood pressure and blood sugar. It also lessens the risk of heart and soul attack, stroke, arthritis and also depression.

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