Health Risks of Saturated Fat & Cholesterol

Health Risks of Saturated Fat

Dr. Purushothaman
November 11, 2017

You can risk your health in a really dangerous manner if you eat food that contains saturated fat. Sources of fat, especially saturated fat can be found in food like cheese, butter, meat and pork. Fats can be classified into three sections- Saturated, Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated. Saturated fat has single bonded fat molecule. In saturated fat, we find the carbon molecules saturated with the hydrogen molecules. Here, the second bond is completely crushed. In short, saturated means the number of hydrogen atoms that are around each of the carbon atoms. Saturated fats are usually found to be in a solid state in the room temperature.

When diet is found high in saturated fat, it is called HDL or High Density Lipoprotein levels. Studies have proved that saturated fat grows the low density lipoprotein or LDL levels. This affects the body in a slow manner. For the purpose of maintaining the working of the internal organs, it is very essential to consume the right quantity of saturated fat on a daily basis or else it will do harm than good.

Food containing Saturated Fat

Saturated fat can be found in food like cheese as well as pizza. It is also found in natural foods like dairy products as well as meat. A low amount of saturated fat can be found in healthy food like vegetable oil. Such foods are not so dangerous as others, since they do not produce acids that are dangerous to the body.

Risks of consuming Saturated fat

It is understood that taking in high levels of Saturated fat can bring about a lot of health risks. They affect the various parts of the body in a very bad manner. Understanding these risks will help us to avoid food containing saturated fat. This is possible only by developing a healthy lifestyle.

High level of Cholesterol

“What causes high cholesterol?” Is a question that haunts most of us. High level of Saturated fat brings in the major health risk of high cholesterol level. Studies show that while consuming excess amount of saturated fat, there is a direct increase of cholesterol in the blood. The acids produced as a result of the saturated fats like stearic acid does have a great impact on the cholesterol level. Consumption of saturated fat as per day to day basis should, as per the American Heart Association, be 7% alone and not more. Eating internal organs of animals is not safe at all, as they contain large amounts of cholesterol. The risk of high cholesterol can be seen in people who never consume fruits or those who do not drink mineral water. With high levels of cholesterol, dangerous disease like diabetes, liver diseases and underactive thyroid glands can happen.

Heart Disease

According to American Heart Association, there is a very big relationship between the heart diseases and saturated fat. Consuming food with saturated fats lesser than 16 grams per 2000 Cal, will prevent you from getting any kind of heart diseases.


Saturated fat is very important for our body. But taking it in large amount can be really very dangerous to our health. With the excess consumption of saturated fat, there will be cut off of the flow of blood to the brain. This will lead to stroke with the symptoms like weakness, loss of speech and even paralysis.

Cardiovascular disease

Saturated fat consumption in an excess amount will lead to cardiovascular disease as the fat actually slows down our cardiovascular system gradually.


Obesity is also the main result of consumption of saturated fat. The high amount of saturated fat will slowly lead to extra calories, resulting in excess weight gain.

The best way to prevent saturated fat affect our body is to follow a healthy lifestyle and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

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