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Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

The term Health gives you the idea that a person is free from injury, illness or pain. The term generally speaks of a person’s fit body and perfect mental state. The imbalance of any of the above can result in an unhealthy condition.
Many factors affect the health of a person. The health of a person is mainly affected because of the change in lifestyle. Regular intake of fast food has paved the way for many health problems in modern society. Fast life and over concern about career development has made today’s individuals more reluctant to have homely food and enjoy other recreations at home. Peace of mind is not a piece of Cake for today’s society. All are in a rush to gain something or the other and ultimately end up in serious health disorders.

The Factors Which Affect the Health of a Modern Man

Tension :

Over stress experienced by individuals have resulted in a tensed state of mind. Tension is experienced by people almost all the time. They do not have time for any recreation or hobbies. Most of the productive hours as well as free hours are used by present day individuals for their work. Giving more importance to work, leaving back the family, and taking more of the leisure time has resulted in a tensed state of mind. There is no way left for relaxation.

Physical Ailments :

Intake of unhealthy food has resulted in lack of nutrition and this has decreased the immunity of the body against many diseases. Lack of proper rest when in an ill condition also can affect the health very much.

Mental Ailments :

Mental ailments cause mild or severe disturbances in a person’s thinking procedures, perception as well as in the behavior. This can result in failing to meet the requirements of day to day life. In such a condition, the individual tends to fail in doing the regular things he usually does. Depression, irritability and withdrawal from society are the end results of mental sickness. People with mental illness also undergo hallucinations and are very much affected by the opinions or judgments by other people. Mental ailments can affect the health of an individual. Mental ailments make a person to be always in a tensed state and he/she fails to take in the regular food intake, resulting in health problems.

Pollution :

Pollution today has spread throughout the world. The main kinds of pollutions are Air Pollution, Water pollution, Land Pollution and Sound pollution.
Air pollution is caused by the burning up of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel or burning of plastic or other chemicals. Chemical wastes from factories also are pollutants that affect human beings very badly. Air pollution can cause respiratory disorders, heart diseases as well as cancer in the lungs.
Water pollution is caused due to the contamination of water by the agricultural wastes and industrial wastes. Water contamination's can result in diarrhea, cholera and dysentery. Chemical wastes in water can cause serious skin diseases and even cancer.
Land Pollution is caused due to the dumping of waste materials like household wastes or chemical wastes from factories in open space. This can cause serious health problems like contagious diseases, kidney diseases, nervous system disorders, autoimmune conditions and cancer.
Sound pollution is caused when our ears are exposed to loud noise. This can result in hearing problems.

Addiction to Alcohol:

Drinking more than the recommended level of alcohol can damage the health of an individual. Alcohol consumption at first do not show any harms. But gradually its hidden harms emerge after some years. By that time, serious health problems could have developed. High blood pressure, risk of cancers, reduced fertility and problems of the liver are the various harmful effects of drinking more than recommended levels on a regular basis.

Addiction to Drugs:

Taking in of illegal drugs can gradually lead to drug addiction. It affects the brain so much that people using them tend to crave for more, thus resulting in serious negative consequences. The major ill effect of intake of illegal drugs is that it affects the brain badly.

Addiction to Smoking:

Cigarette smoking and intake of tobacco can be addictive. Tobacco contains Nicotine which is the cause of addiction. Addiction to nicotine is same to that of an addiction to cocaine or heroin. The ill effects of cigarette smoking can cause damage to the brain. Smokers take in a lot of smoke and hence a large amount of toxins. As nicotine is poisonous in nature, if taken in large amounts, can cause negative effects. Cigarette smoking can cause damage to the lungs. It can even cause cancer in the mouth. Severe cough and headache are also the other side effects of smoking.

How to Maintain Your Health

Maintaining one’s health is not a very difficult task. One should be careful enough to take good care of the body and not fall for any bad habits or addictions in order to maintain a good healthy body. Clean environment and good habits can to an extent provide you with healthy body. Avoid stress and live life to the fullest. Enjoy life with your loved ones, spend time with your family and do your duties sincerely. If you want to have a peaceful life, then never let failures affect you deeply. Thus you can gain a healthy mind. Prevent pollution and you can gain a healthy society, perfectly set for this generation and the generations to come.

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