Health and Mental Benefits of Enjoying Your Work

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2017

Job is a factor that always affects your health. Usually people have tough time all through the work hours, and this makes them hate their job a lot. Many are not satisfied with their current position in the job or their current salary. These factors actually make us hate our jobs and make us work just for the sake of earning and nothing more. When you are not satisfied with your job, you indirectly lead your health at stake. Since you are spending the majority of the day working, it is very essential to enjoy your job, remain happy and focused. This will actually have good effects to your health and wellness of the whole.

Helps to keep off heart diseases

Researches held in the year 2010 shows that those employees who love their job always show positive type of emotions, and they are able to reduce their chances of gaining coronary diseases. They are also able to lower their heart rate, which is around 6 beats slow each minute. This actually shows that they are able to reduce the chances of gaining heart diseases.

Helps to lower high blood pressure

It is a known fact that happiness helps in decreasing the blood pressure. When an employee is happy, he is prone to have a better and healthier blood pressure as they are able to release their stress in a healthy way than the ones who are not at all satisfied with what they are working at.

Decreases the chances of gaining a stroke

Negative thoughts as well as emotions actually lead to a stroke. It is a fact that majority of the population spends more than half of their lifetime working. When such is the situation, people who are not able to enjoy or remain happy in their workplace are prone to risks of gaining streak.

Gives motivation

While you are able to enjoy your work more, you are able to come over your stress and frustration in a really healthy manner. When a person who is always unhappy at workplace remains unhappy and frustrated everywhere. This actually pulls him/her down everywhere. A good job and a good salary sometimes is not what some people prefer. They simply remain unhappy and this affects their life on the whole. When you enjoy your workday, you are allowing yourself to become motivated and also healthier each day.

Gives you long life

Studies show that happy people have lower risks to die earlier than the unhappy people. When you enjoy your work and remain happy in your work place, you are giving your mind and body extra energy to survive more on this world. Unhappiness cuts off your days on the earth.

Improves mental health

Those who enjoy their job have in them positive thoughts and this actually helps them to improve their mental health. A good and healthy mind helps you to do your tasks with more responsibility.

Other benefits

Other benefits that the people enjoying work gain are: they develop natural pain control, are less prone to fall into depression, are able to manage stress well, gets few colds, headaches and other pains, are able to fight against diseases, gain a strong immune system, are passionate towards life more and are able to lower the risks of gaining cardiovascular diseases.

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