Health Hazards of Dairy Products

Dr. Purushothaman
January 4, 2018

When the body is not able to break down the natural sugar called lactose, he/she is said to have dairy intolerance or lactose intolerance. Lactose is found mainly in milk and dairy products. This is the reason why it is mainly called dairy intolerance. When the small intestine stops producing the enzyme lactose, the person is said to have lactose intolerance or dairy intolerance. Some of the major symptoms of Dairy intolerance are explained in the article.

The main causes of dairy intolerance are due to inheritance, through the damage caused in the cells of the upper gut that produce lactose and through developmental lactose deficiency. Inherited form is actually passed on from our family. Secondary lactose deficiency, which is caused by the damage of the lining of the upper gut usually, happens when you are affected by stomach infection. Developmental Lactose deficiency is usually seen in babies. This usually happens in babies with premature labor. Such a condition usually decreases and disappears when the baby grows up. Understand the symptoms and get healthy yourself by following the precautionary measures.

Major causes of dairy intolerance


Diarrhea can cause dairy intolerance. When diarrhea affects a person, the need for frequent bowel movement can be seen. It is a sign that the food we take in either has bacteria or virus in it. It would be better to avoid milk and milk products while affected with diarrhea.

Weight loss

When you have a dairy intolerance, you will experience sudden loss of weight. When you experience a sudden weight loss without much physical activity or reduction in food consumption, then you need to understand that it can be caused due to any kind of abdominal problems. It could also be due to dairy intolerance. The first thing you need to do consults your doctor on an immediate basis.


Vomiting along with nausea is yet another symptom of dairy intolerance. Vomiting is usually a condition of uncontrollable reflex that actually pushes out the food or other content from the stomach through the mouth. It has to be noted that this condition occurs even due to viral or bacterial infection, which is caused by food allergy or poisoning.

Stool discoloration

Dairy intolerance makes the stool black or red. Black and tarry stool is due to the irritation in the stomach or esophagus.  Dairy intolerance can lead to black, tarry stool as well as bloody and red stool. Blood red stool can be caused when you have cancerous as well as benign polyps in the colon. It could also due to Crohn’s disease or food allergy. Diary intolerance comes under food allergy diseases. To cure this, you need to stop drinking milk and consuming dairy products. Lead a healthier life even when you have dairy intolerance if you avoid what is not fit for you.


Dairy intolerance can also lead to fever. When you are suffering from dairy intolerance, there are chances that you have a fever. For curing fever, you need to rest and stay in the room temperature. You should not take on any kind of dairy products, taking in a lot of fluids the whole day long. Taking bath in lukewarm water helps a lot too.

Bloating of the abdomen

Dairy intolerance can also experience bloating of the abdomen. The abdominal area becomes very much uncomfortable as it gets gassed. This makes the tummy feel full all the time. Such a condition occurs whenever a person with dairy intolerance consumes dairy products. For avoiding abdominal bloating, you need to avoid foods such as lentils, beans as well as cabbage. One should eat in a slow manner, consume only products that are lactose free and the main thing to be noted is that you should never drink anything with the help of a straw.

Other symptoms of dairy intolerance

Abdominal pain, pain while having bowel movements, sudden appearance of every symptom mentioned as soon as you consume any dairy product, disappearance of the symptoms when you stop eating milk and milk products and feeling better as you consume lactose enzymes. The best way to treat dairy intolerance is to avoid dairy products completely, consume lactose enzymes and calcium supplements regularly. Moreover, following the wellness tips too can help you remain healthy even if you have dairy intolerance.

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