Health Benefits of Yoga for Everyone

Benefits of Yoga

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2017

Yoga and its benefits for the body are known to everyone. Researches show that yoga is good for our physical and mental health. Moreover, it is best for solving a lot of problems of the body faced with an adult or a child. Since the benefits of yoga are popular these days, we do find Yoga being included in the curriculum of most of the schools all round the world. Bringing up a healthy new generation is what all these educational institutions aim for while doing so. People do like to keep their body hale and healthy. For giving the body the best benefits, we do find the majority of the people turning towards yoga to be included in their daily activities. Understanding the yoga health tips can help you shape your life a more positive manner.

Yoga benefits are popular among teenagers as well as adults. You will be able to find a lot of yoga centers all round the world where you will be able to find a person of every age. Let us just take a look at the benefits of yoga.


Helps to remove Depression and Frustration

Yoga has a lot of poses that will help to remove the frustration and depression inside a person. Being frustrated and depressed can cause a lot of problems to the mind. Studies show that practicing yoga can improve the serotonin levels. It also decreases the monoamine oxidase levels. Serotonin increases when a person is happy. Monoamine oxidase is the enzyme that breaks down the cortisol as well as neurotransmitter, which help in making us calm and happy.

Gain more focus

Yoga gives a positive effect on the cognitive dimension. It has been found that those who practice Yoga experience a great improvement in the cognitive dimension. On the other hand, they are able to improve their focus, get good memory and increase the IQ level. Those who try out the transcendental meditation are the ones who experience this increase in focus.

Become more social

Yoga is able to heal those people who are introverts or those who are not so social in nature. Karma Yoga pose of Yoga helps to serve this function.

Helps in developing a peaceful mind

Mental peace is something that we cannot get even after visiting places. It should be obtained by the constant effort of an individual. Practicing yoga is one of the ways of achieving mental peace. With yoga, you will be able to put a stop to the irregular thoughts that go inside the mind. Such disturbances actually cause stress, anger, regret and boredom. Inner peace can be built when you practice yoga, thus getting rid of stress, anger, frustration and regret. Our  great control over our emotions and we are able to manage our mind in a positive way. It is better to have a healthy lifestyle which includes yoga and good diet, which will help you develop a better mind.

Helps to build up good relationships in life

When you are able to handle your feelings and are able to be more positive in life, you will be able to spread positivity to others around you. With your relaxed mind, you will be able to influence others. This will in short help in building up better relations in life. Yoga helps in brining a balance to your emotions and feelings on the whole, making you a better person.

Gives you quality sleep

Insomnia is affecting a large number of the masses these days. The modern day lifestyle and the tensions in the workplace will lead to sleeplessness. Getting a good sleep is something which most people dream to have. When you prefer to do yoga on a regular basis, you will be ensured to get quality sleep. Yogic medications and postures like Pranayama and Savasana helps to give you better sleep.

Controls hypertension

Hypertension can affect us in a real serious manner. It has to be treated properly before it gets worse. The metabolism of the body is disturbed and it can cause related diseases like heart attack, migraine, disturbance of the heart and more. Those who have hypertension are to take regular medication and consume a special diet. Adding yoga to the treatment can give you better results. Yoga helps in lowering the high blood stream in a real slow manner. Apart from practicing Savasana, doing Pranayama techniques like Sheetali and Chandravedi, Padmasana and Padmasana Baddha can make both your mind and body relaxed. This will influence the blood pressure to a very large extent.

Practicing Yoga in short, can give you a lot of benefits other than helping you to lose your excess pounds. It should become the part of your healthy lifestyle, if you wish to have a healthier life.

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