Health Benefits of Walking Up and Down Stairs

Health Benefits of stair climbing

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2017

The gym is a very costly affair for the majority of the people. To stay fit and healthy, one need not go to a gym and do regular workouts. On the other hand, they can try out any kind of physical activity for around one hour or more in our home, office or college. Walking up and down the stairs is the one easy physical activity that we can simply do anywhere. Benefits of walking upstairs and downstairs are given in a detailed manner below.

Cardio Training

The best exercise to train our cardio is to walk on a treadmill. You can also gain the same results by walking up and down the stairs, as the activity takes a lot of energy.

Anaerobic Fitness

When we walk up and down the stairs, we tend to train our breathing system and this helps to increase our ability to breath properly. This helps us to breathe for a long period. This is the reason why we can call this activity an anaerobic fitness exercise. As we train ourselves slowly, we will be able to do hardcore activities without getting tired. With the help of Anaerobic fitness, we are able to train our system of breathing, our heart muscles as well as the muscles of the feet.

Aerobic Fitness

The cardiovascular organ is being trained in increasing the metabolism of the body in a gradual manner when we are walking stairs. Hence this can be called as aerobic fitness. We tend to feel fatigue during when we do it for the very first time. But gradually our body will adapt to the activity and soon the body becomes fit. To make the activity easier, we need to do certain warm up exercises.

The best core training

It is quite natural for us to experience pain in the back and the joints more often. The right exercise will help us to decrease this pain to a very large extent. Walking up and down the stairs is a good exercise for this purpose. It can be called as one of the best core training exercises that give good results for those who usually spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Usually people who go to work do not get much time to do regular exercise. This can be compensated while taking the stairs to your workplace or back at your home.

Muscle formation

Taking the stairs instead of the lift on a regular basis will help in the formation of the muscles. This activity, when done regularly will help in strengthening the muscles of the feet. Apart from the formation of the muscles, you will also find that the fat in the waist area, stomach as well as thighs seem to reduce gradually. This activity in short can be termed as very effective one compared to the regular fitness exercises done at the gym.

Other benefits

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, walking steps provides many other benefits to our body and our mind. It allows the flow of blood to all parts of the body. This includes the head too. This actually allows us to think properly, and makes our mind fresh and energetic, giving our mind a positive attitude all the time. It also strengthens the heart, helps in flattening the stomach and helps us remain slim and trim.

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