Health Benefits of Green Tea in Diabetic Patients

Dr. Purushothaman
March 25, 2020

Most people know green tea as a beverage that is good for the health. It is actually made from the tea leaves known as Camellia Sinensis. Green tea is known to have its origin from China. But these days, you will be able to find it almost in all parts of the world. This beverage is extremely good for your health as it has the ability to cure as well as protect you from many kinds of illnesses. With a lot of health benefits in it, green tea has turned out to be the all time favorite of people with diabetes. People have a lot of doubts regarding the consumption of green tea and its benefits for a person having diabetes.

Why Green Tea is good for people with Diabetics?

Green tea is a good and a healthy beverage right for those who are suffering from diabetes. Some of the reasons why people with diabetes should consume green tea are:

1.Green tea has EGCG Catechins

Green tea contains EGCG Catechins. Many studies show that green tea has a type of flavanoid namely Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG Catechins, that are effective in burning the fat from the body. It also increases the oxidation of fat in a good manner. The excess amount of fat found in the body is the prime reason for a person to be affected by diabetes. It can be found that the EGCG catechin is very essential for the body. It will help in maintaining as well as protecting the vascular muscle cells from gaining a high level of glucose. With them, you will be able to improve your glucose tolerance. It also helps in changing the glucose and lipid metabolism taking place in the body. Thus, you will be able to prevent diabetes type 1 to a very large extent.

This component is also helpful in protecting from the type 2 diabetes. This compound will speed up the digestive enzymes that will help in reducing the production of glucose from carbohydrate. This will help in reducing the glucose levels and thus you will be able to avoid type 2 diabetes.

2.Helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels

Diabetes is usually linked with a high rise of blood sugar levels. While taking in green tea, the adrenaline hormone is produced and this will reduce the blood sugar rise. With the help of green tea, you will be able to stimulate metabolism in the right way. It also helps to improve the immune system. Thus the consumption of green tea will help in providing you more energy and relax your body.

3.Green tea helps in stimulating the insulin production

People who suffer from type 1 diabetes are not able to produce the right amount of insulin that will lead to the rise of blood sugar level. Studies show that consuming green tea will help in increasing the production of insulin that will help in controlling the sugar levels and help in transforming the nutrients from the food to energy. Apart from that, green tea also helps in stimulating the functions of the pancreas. This will help them to produce insulin in the right amount. Moreover, studies show that green tea will help to protect the pancreatic beta cells from all kinds of damages. Green tea also helps in maintaining the right blood pressure.

4.Helping you to prevent obesity

Obesity can be considered as the main reason for type 2 diabetes. Green tea is a very effective beverage that helps to control obesity. It will help in reducing the fatty acids and also the levels of the triglyceride and help in controlling obesity. Green tea can also help in preventing any kind of complications that will happen due to obesity. Regular exercise too helps in reducing obesity along with the consumption of green tea.

5.Helps in protecting from Hyperglycemia

Certain studies show that consuming green tea will help in preventing hyperglycemia. The major reason why diabetes affects people is because of hyperglycemia along with intolerance of glucose. If Hyperglycemia is not treated, it will let out oxidative stress, leading to a lot of problems like diabetic retinopathy. This will ultimately lead to blindness if not treated at the beginning stage.

Tips for diabetic people for consuming Green Tea

Green tea is extremely good for the body. People suffering from diabetes need to consume at least four cups of green tea a day. It should be consumed without adding sugar, milk or cream. The preferable time to take this beverage is morning. Consuming green tea alone will not help in reducing diabetes. You also need to make healthy activities like regular exercising and eating the right food to keep yourself fit and strong. Living in wellbeing is possible only when you are ready to imbibe healthy habits in life.

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