Having A Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013


Throughout my life, I had had lots of tiny spiritual awakening moments and they all came across in different ways. I am hoping that by sharing how I came across these spiritual awakening moments I can help you find them on your own.

Firstly, you do not need to have even read spiritual books or started going to church to have a spiritual transformation. To be honest it can come about in a moment of stillness when your mind is making no noise and you are in nature. This is probably where my first one happened. It is an amazing feeling just to be in nature with no labels in your mind.

Another way that you can get to this state is to do it purposefully. This is the most difficult to implement but it is also obviously the quickest route to get there. I am talking about starting to meditate. Meditation for me is simply clearing your mind so that you can hear the voice of God. When you have too much noise going on in there you just cannot hear your intuition which is usually screaming out at you that you are doing something wrong and this is why you cannot have a spiritual awakening.

I like to just sit there and watch my thoughts float by. This helps create separation from them. The main barrier to spiritual awakening is that we believe that we are our thoughts and get really identified with them. By watching the, we shatter this illusion.

Another way to have an awakening of some kind is to read about it. Lots of people have faced the problems that you are now facing. Just read about it and see what it is that you have to do next. I would recommend the main religious books and whatever jumps out at you on a bookshelf because you are being drawn to it by your intuition.

Moving away from society a bit can help you have a spiritual awakening too. I do not mean move into a cave and become a hermit. If you live in a busy city then your mind is really active and you want to be silent mentally if you want to be able to see and think clearly. I moved from town back to the outskirts and my mind is so much clearer. I think the people are much nicer and friendly here too.

Finally, just be experimental. There is nothing too silly to be tried once in terms of spirituality. If our intuition says go for it then trust that little inner voice for once, it's smart beyond your mind and will lead you in the right direction all the time.

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