Happy Life-four Tips That Can Help You Make This Possible

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

What is it that we want in life? A vast majority will no doubt say that they want a successful and a Happy Life. Our sojourn in this world is only for a limited time.
Did I hear someone whisper "Three score and ten?" Yes, it was so then but it is more now. However, how we make the best use of our sojourn here is left to us and us alone. We know only too well that life is not a bed of roses. There are problems to be faced, challenges to be encountered and solutions found in our day to day activities.
How then should we live our life and adapt a life style for an enjoyable and a happy life?

Think of the Present:

There are certain things in life that cannot be changed or corrected. There is no point thinking and worrying about them. Past is past. It is now history. It can no longer be rectified. The future is uncertain. No one can foretell what the future beholds. The present is certain. Success and happiness is what you do and achieve now. So act well and play your part with confidence, dedication, and determination. The future is dependant on what you do in the present. No one can go back to make a fresh new start. You can start right now to make your life happy and end happily.

Do not Destroy but OutSmart Your Competitors:

Life is full of challenges and often a crucial situation arises as to how we should deal with our competitors, rivals and adversaries. Have you not come across many people who work with the sole objective of crushing and destroying their rivals, competitors or the opposition, to succeed in life? For such people a happy life could mean just that. Have you got to crush them, destroy them and annihilate them? Certainly there are ways of outsmarting or out-maneuvering your rivals and competitors. Going all out to extremes can result in loosing friends, money and health too. In fact scheming and plotting to destroy your rivals and competitors can result in loss of money and adverse heath conditions.

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Avoid being Adamant:

Quite often we come across people who are adamant and keep on insisting that a task cannot be done simply because they are unable to do it themselves. If you happen to fall into this category be prepared to change. This attitude is not going to be helpful to you in anyway. You should be prepared to listen to the advice and views of others even if it comes from your subordinates in your work place. Accept the advice, change your views and accomplish the task. You will end up happy and successful.

Sacrifice your Trivial Preferences:

Trivial preferences should not stand in the way of achieving unity, progress and success. Unfortunately, we see this happening all around us. This can only lead to tension and unhappiness among members of the family, friends and fellow workers. A happy life will only be a distant dream. If you have a tendency to act in this manner, you should try and develop positive thoughts because these thoughts thrive only in minds that are free from petty prejudices and preferences.


Life filled with hatred, jealousy, and envy, can never be happy. Banish these from your thoughts. Think positively. Be kind, helpful, and compassionate. The reward will be a happy life and great things can be accomplished when you are happy. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success".

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