Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

What is happiness? Most, even I could say that none of us has found a right answer for it. Some of us think happiness can not survive for long, just for seconds and days. Some of us think there is not any happiness totally, it is just an abstract word. But I think there is happiness but we can not see it or do not want to see it. Let me prove my thoughts. Think about the person that you think if you were in that person's place how you would be happy and even you ask yourself why she/he is not happy with all things that he/she has.

We cannot feel happy because, we always are looking for happiness in future, we never see the real happiness in our present time. Our greed does not give chance for it. I think greed is the greatest disaster that given to a person for not feeling himself happy. Our greed always say go ahead, go ahead you will have more than today you do. And we follow it but at last we spend most of our lifelong and at last we look back and what we see?-certainly emptied life.

Yes if we describe our life like a mountain, and think our happiness in the peak of this mountain. For getting to the peak, we take action, work hard and hard not stopping, not spending more time with our dears, not taking care of our health, not giving necessary attention to the people around us. We just live for that dreamed time of our life. Yes, for this we go ahead and ahead struggling with all obstacles on our way with our all nervous, all strength, but sometimes we can not reach this peak because of the great stones, but sometimes we reach, but in this peak we can not think ourselves happy too .

Why?-Because when from this peak we look down we see most things-youth, our dears, our wishes, and most important our lifelong, that we had we have lost.

Yes, our greatest unhappiness is that we live with the future of our life, not with today.

You can see my sayings evidently in the story below.

A rich investor who had gained success and fame, was resting in a little seaside village.

One day he noticed a small fish boat while waking along the seaside. The boat came up to the shore, and the fisher in it jumped out off it. There were a few big fish in the boat. "Your fish is very expensive and wonderful, congratulations!" he said to the fisher.

"Thanks" the fisher answered.

"How long did it take you to fish them?" he asked.

"Not very much, 1 or 2 hours", the fisher replied

"In this case why did not stay for a little long and catch more fish?" the man asked again.

"The fish that I've caught today is enough for today's requirement."

"Then in the rest of your time what do you do?" the man asked curiously.

"I play with my children, take a nap, work in the garden of my house, and sit and talk with my friends. In short I have a happy life."

The investor with somehow with irony said.

"I am professional in the branch of administration and investment. If you would like I can help you."

Then he began to speak about his suggestions.

"First of all, you should spend more time for fishing, and earn money. Then you should buy a ship, and earn more money. With this money you should buy a much bigger ship."

The fisher interrupted.

"Ok, then?"

"Then instead of selling the fish that you catch, to other people, you'll sell them to fish factories as wholesale. At last, you would have your own fish factory. So you'll take the control of both the commodity, and its producing and exporting. Surely, for this work, you should leave this seaside village and move to a big developed city and then you can move the most developed city. So you can improve your work there more and better."

"All right how long will all these works take?" the fisher asked.

"15-20 years" the man answered.

"Ok, then?" the fisher asked again.

The investor laughed with gaily. "And the most enjoyable part of the work just will begin then. In the right time you should declare the advertisement of opening your production to people and put your parts in the selling and so you can be very rich. In this branch you can gain milliards." "Oh, milliards, and then?" the fisher asked with a strange voice.

"The end has not been obvious to you yet? Then you would retire and move to a little seaside village and would play with your grandchildren, take a nap, work in the garden of your house, and talk with your friends. In short, you will have a happy life."

This time the fisher looked at this educational, clever person with irony. As I said before I am happy even now."

And at last, I wish all of us to be able to see our happiness at our today as the fisher.

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