Happiness - To Be Happy Never Have a Grudge Against Anyone

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Carrying a grudge affects your happiness in fact you will never achieve true happiness if you have a grudge or hate someone for their actions.

Here we will show you how to turn the negative into a positive drop grudges and achieve greater happiness.

If you carry a grudge, you are storing negative energy, just as battery stores energy and it is negative energy which will make you unhappy.

People who have grudges are not happy so to be happy let go of the grudge and happiness will be yours.

The negative energy a grudge builds up feeds your stress tolerance levels and can make you unhappy or more seriously be killing you.

Release your negative energy, let go of the grudge and you will achieve greater happiness.

Background of a Grudge

A good definition of a grudge is ‘a lasting feeling of resentment because of a wrong committed’.

This lasting feeling begins to bear a weight on your consciousness. One very insightful person said, “Heaviest thing to carry -- a grudge” and whoever said that was very correct.

The grudge infects your other thoughts and feelings, and spoils them, as a rotten apple can spoil all the others in a barrel (or any receptacle).

The grudge actually takes shape in your mind, then in your body.

The grudge evokes the fight or flight response to stress, and if you feel (and most do) that the grudge is sufficient to justify some retaliation, you have a stressor that is taking its toll on you, and not the person to whom you have a grudge.

Flight or Flight Response

We all have this self-defence mechanism built into our DNA at the most basic level.

The short term evoked response (to run or to protect yourself by fighting) can be a very positive thing to your system.

However, if carried as a long-term stressor the fight or flight response turns into a destroyer of one’s immune system. This will leave you open to illness.

Can you achieve happiness in this state? Of course not!

Negative Energy

What is negative energy? Isn’t energy just energy?

Not at all.

Negative energy is that energy that is employed by us in activity which is draining us of our creativity, our positive response (view) to life and more importantly, in total opposition with the great energy of the universe, which is the source of our own power.

Negative energy makes you powerless.

The Other Side of a Grudge

To the people to which we might have a grudge to, for whatever reason, our feelings of negativity, of revenge, of hate are consuming us, and not them.

As the American comedian Buddy Hackett was known to say “I've had a few arguments with people, but I never carry a grudge. You know why? While you're carrying a grudge, they're out dancing!”

The other side of a grudge does not exist, except in our minds.

How to Free Ourselves from Carrying a Grudge

The easiest way, the quickest way, is to follow the very good and age-old wisdom as expressed by the Dali Lama.

He says simply, “drop the thought”.

It’s like just letting go, and the currents of mind thought will take the grudge away as a piece of paper dropped on the water. The current will carry it away from you.

Drop the thought, do not carry a grudge.

It is taking a terrible toll on your body, your mind, your happiness, and your future.

Let the negative energy you are carrying go, and its space will be filled with positive energy and help you achieve happiness

This is the energy of creation and perpetuation.

Your immune system will repair itself, your mind will be at peace, you will forget the injustice to you, and get on with your life.

Life is life and there are always things that happen where we are disappointed in people. You can’t do anything about it so move on and adopt the positive and you will achieve happiness and be content.


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