Happiness Quotes To Enlighten Your Existence

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Quotes particularly happiness quotes inspire us to live a better life.
Philosophers and poets have talked about life in different ways and have defined happiness in many different words. Their concept towards happiness can be referred to as positive and soul invoking. Quotes on happiness from these great people are not superficial rather instill the human heart with a sense of satisfaction towards self existence.

These quotes are usually so strong that they can even change the negative attitude into down right positive. Happiness has this effect on us that can change our simplest existence into a satisfying affair. Joy is something that comes from the innermost senses and thus happy quotes also touch the heart to instill that delight and satisfaction which is unparalleled and profound. A happy soul can stand through the toughest times and situation. Happiness however should not be searched in materialistic aspects of existence, instead real happiness lies within self.

One of the biggest enemies of true happiness as reflected in the philosophers quotes are jealousy, hatred, drawing comparisons and dissatisfaction. When we build this picture in our minds that we have failed and haven’t lived up to our expectations there always is a sense of guilt that eats away our real happiness.

Happiness as the poets speak lies in small things that invoke happiness like the smile of a baby, a beautiful flower, summer rains, and many other priceless entities that touch our heart to make us happy. Quotes about happiness are also very simple yet very true with nothing materialistic about the joy they reflect. Those who have a negative self image or continuously feel depressed can take immense help from regularly reading some nice happiness quotes.

To get out of this kind behavior pattern one can look for more quotes on happiness available online. Happiness quotes admirably invoke true happiness and give a positive direction to the depressed mind. They endow you with words of wisdom to reflect and ponder over. When you comprehend the deeper sense and meaning of the quotes you appreciate how misguided you have been. If you live your life according to other terms you will never be happy. You have to live by your own rules and be satisfied with your self-accomplishments.

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