Happiness Quotes and How to Become Rich

Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

Although getting rich will not necessarily make you happy, it is often said that it is better to be unhappy in comfort rather than in poverty. Having money can’t buy good health or good friends but being sick and alone without recourse to the help money could bring can be pretty miserable. These are ideas typically expressed in the various internet sites featuring happiness quotes and in many newspapers and magazine articles on the same theme.

So now that it has been decided that it is better to have money than not, the question which looms is How to become rich? Hard work is an oft quoted answer but by itself it will not suffice. One must be a good economist, a saver, a do it yourself expert and even maybe a bit of a gambler though the latter is not always recommended! Alternatively, of course, you might contrive to marry money. This is often the case in Asian and other societies where ‘arranged marriages’ still predominate. However you need something to offer in return even if it is only a noble name and lineage.

Reading happiness quotes is rather like consulting your horoscope in the daily newspaper. There is always something for everyone with at least a 50% chance of being right. The state of being happy is generally decried as being ephemeral although idyllic in its moment of passing. Like suddenly acquiring money you haven’t had to work for too much happiness is not really considered to be good for you unless derived from selfless sacrifice.

Someone recently won a great deal of lottery money by chance more chance than is normally associated with such wins. So that too is a possible solution to the How to become rich conundrum and surely also a basis for more Happiness quotes Happiness is an accidental lottery win!

If we look again at the hard worker who is trying to find out how to become rich he must learn to save and not fritter away his money. Budgeting is important and saving even the coins left in your pocket at the end of each day can go a long way. Basically you need to go on denying yourself and your spouse and children all but the bare necessities of life, ensure you make productive use of every free moment of time, provide the best education you can for your kids and hope one of them develops the next generation of Microsoft.

Let’s face it luck features in all facets of daily life. Being in the right place at the right time can change the course of anyone’s life for the better. That’s another possibility for the happiness quotes . Being able to grasp that opportunity is something no amount of education can instill, it is an innate sense that is there in some but not in others. It is that which levels the playing field for an instant allowing the one with no advantages a chance to take the ball and run with it.So how to become rich is a not an easy question to answer. Luck, perseverance and never forget to rub any old lamp you find in case a genie pops out.

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