Happiness, darn it...Where are you?

Shortbread men happy to be together

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

There is a huge misconception about the real meaning of love and happiness and due to the lack of knowing the meaning people have accepted what they see on film and in print.

Throughout the ages linguistic scientists have searched for a formula for happiness and love without success and to this day there still is no definite formula. Advertising agencies and copywriters were sharp enough to see the gap to create false happiness by creating tangible products of high value to fill the gap.

Industry grabbed the opportunity and created a environment of happiness by owning something of value such as a diamond or gold bands with ruby's and people world over accepted this in absence of real happiness and love.

There is no argument beautiful is and remain beautiful as this Blue White diamond in the picture. And I do believe it would create a typo of happiness for any lady for how long I do not know, what I do know is that it would not be everlasting.

As most of the tangible goods their lifespan of happiness is rather short lived allow me to give you an example of more permanent happiness.

Thinking back in your youth when you and your parents had happy occasions with other family and the happy hours you spent together, you feel the softness of that memory simply because nothing can erase that from your life experience and memory.

If one now compare the two scenarios one can accept that happiness will create a memory and in the case of tangible good I believe the action of giving would have created a memory and not the gift although the gift might remind the incident of gift.

Regrettably the absence of real happiness created different classes within our population as people who owned these pricy items, lived in mansions were socially above others. This is not a new thing as in ancient time's people who owned the highest chimneys on their roofs were the richest.

Another brief example down memory lain was when you wanted a bicycle and how happy you were when you got it and the happiness dwindled soon after you got used to it.

These examples only prove that tangible goods cannot bring happiness no matter how desperately you want it no lasting happiness will derive from it.

The there is the question of love and the understanding of the meaning as the love has been exploited horribly. In film one sees that love is a one night stand and also linked to a gift.

Love is not adoration and neither is love lust it has a far deeper meaning than what media displays it. This is whey linguistic scientists could not discover the formula they were seeking so badly and to this day in 2013 it still remain a mystery until I quite by accident discovered the real meaning of the words Love and Happiness.

Due to the lack of knowledge many people could not be concerned nowadays as they grew up without the knowledge so why is it important now after all this time. Good question; It's not about what they weren't taught it's about what they miss because they do not know.

Please forgive me, but in a court of law ignorance is not an excuse so to experience a better relationship with your wife and children is absolutely worth the effort of becoming informed.

This knowledge will open doors where no one thought were doors in all kinds of situations.

For example this knowledge will benefit you in your place of work and dealing with others as the true meaning of love and happiness now will make sense. Your relationship with your children will improve and as you teach them the true meaning of love happiness they will always remember you with happy thoughts.

You are not to blame if you have not taught your children what the true meaning is of love and happiness but please remember it's never too late. Once you inform them they in return will one day inform their children and so their love and happiness will become a fond memory of you.

Unfortunately this information is secret and sacred and I could not expose this to the World Wide Web as those who don't want you to know will crucify this knowledge in reviews on the internet and that would be the end of that.

I am convinced that who so ever read this EBook will never look back and also understand the true meaning of love and happiness and they will experience a happiness they never knew existed.

Have you noticed the look on many people's faces it's probably unhappiness as 98% of the world's people are unhappy, they do not know the meaning of the word happiness or love. Not having that knowledge can only make you miserable as there is nothing no memories and neither did he create memories of value, simply because he did not know any better.

I have written this EBook and it does not apply to any particular faith, it applies to all humans on earth and I have written on the website that I will translate the contents in most languages on request.

I have also copied it on CD, so once you have read it and you want to give someone a present this might turn out to be the biggest present of his or her life. Also there is the universal law of sowing a seed and it will yield a profit so maybe you want to give someone a present keep a close lookout and watch how that person change, its remarkable!

This is not a sermon of any kind and I am not a preacher so rest assured this information is pure information from my own writing.


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