Happiness - 4 Tips To Pursue Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Nobody will refuse happiness! That's to say, everyone is in the pursuit of happiness! It's true that happiness is such a wonderful thing that we all hope to live a happy life all the life. However, it's also the fact that an increasing number of people are unlucky to be with happiness. Why?

In my opinion, happiness is a simple mind, a plain attitude; however, it's also not easy to catch sometimes. Only if we have known how to pursue happiness, can we live with happiness together! So, I'm sincere to share the tips to pursue happiness with you here.

1 Be Optimistic.

To be optimistic is the most important factor in the pursuit of a happy lifestyle. It's inevitable to meet various kinds of troubles when we are growing. But different minds can bring distinct effects. For example, if you are optimistic and positive enough, you can be a promising winner even you just had a failure. In reverse, you will be a loser once again if you can deal with the present failure optimistically.

2 Be Grateful.

Another critical factor to hit happiness is to be grateful. Never mind the unhappy things too often or too much. Because what happened has happened, and you could not change the result with a downside mind. So, try to be grateful, not only to the happy things, but also to the unfortunate incidents. Every coin has two side, doesn't it? No matter how bad the result is, it would benefit you sooner or later if you are ready to be grateful.
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3 Be Strong.

The stronger you are able to be, the more easily you will attain happiness. The "strong" is mean to build a stronger body and an emphasis on the strength of your capability. There is no doubt that you are unlikely to be happy if you are ill or weak; similarly, you are very likely to feel diffident if you are not strong enough to show your ability in your work or study. So, I believe in strength to be a dispensable role in the pursuit of happiness.

4 Be Friendly.

A happy life can never exist without a friendly mind, just as a person can never be happy if he/she has no friends. Here, to be friendly doesn't narrowly mean to be kind to your friends. Deeply, it means to be kind to all the people around you, especially those who are in the need of help. Giving a hand to those pitiful guys, you will experience the happiness of making contribution to others.

Happiness is not a destination. Compared with the result, the process to get a happy life, instead, is much more significant!


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