Grab Readers Attention With A Great Subject Line

Dr. Purushothaman
October 2, 2013

E-mail list marketing is not as difficult as you may think. But, it doesn't matter how good you are at crafting interesting e-mail messages to sell your products - if no one is intrigued by the subject line of your message, no one will ever see it. This article will give you some great tips on how to craft a killer subject line for every e-mail message that you send.

How To Grab Your Readers Attention With Your Subject

E-mail list marketing is a great way to advertise a new product or make some affiliate sales. But something that a lot of people don't understand is this: it doesn't matter how great your offer is, if people don't open up your message and read it, it won't really matter. Let's talk about how you can write great subject lines that grab readers attention.

An optin list is a group of people that give you permission to send them e-mail messages. But, it doesn't mean that they agree to read every message that you send them. In fact, they may not even read any of your messages if you are not grabbing their attention. This can be hard to do considering most lists are built around an offer of a free report or some free software - that means that your subscribers probably aren't very interested in your e-mail messages to begin with. Many might just treat them like trash or worse, they could even think of them as SPAM. Of course, if you use a double opt-in system you should really not have to worry about that part.

Bu you are able to change all of this. It's easy to write up some newsletters that people will want to read, but making readers open them up and take a look is a different story.

The subject of your e-mail message is your first and sometimes only chance to grab readers attention. The best way to do this is to really think about what you're writing in the subject line. The first step is to realize how very important a good subject line really is.

You will want to make your subject lines short and to the point. You want to tell the reader what they will find in the e-mail so they can have some expectations when they open it up and read it. You want to grab attention, so if your e-mail message contains some interesting information, half of the battle is already won for you. Just let them know what they should be able to read when they open up the message.

A good strategy is to excite curiosity within the reader. The idea is to force the reader to open the message. Use your subject line to ignite emotion in the reader. This is tough because you only have a few seconds - that's how long the reader will take when reading your subject line. So, your job is to grab attention, and do it quickly!

Some good words to use in order to excite curiosity are: 'How to', 'guide', 'tips', 'tricks' and things of that nature. Anyone who reads a subjeect line with those words will naturally want to learn what the tip or guide is. This will not only get the reader to open the message but it gets them excited about the content.

Another great way to grab readers' attention is to put your subject line into the form of a question. Use a question that people can relate to: Are you tired of working all day? Do you wish you had more money? Try to stick to the topic of the message, because once they open it up they will want an answer to the question that they just read.

You can see the power of a great subject line. Take time to think of something that will really grab readers' attention when they see it.

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