Google Alerts Keeps You Informed

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Google Alerts is an excellent free resource designed to help you keep up with topics that you're interest in. It is accessed through your Gmail and is part of a cache of services offered when you have an account with Google. It can be set up very quickly and easily, after which you will begin to get the "Alerts" which are updates that arrive in your inbox. It brings the information you want to you instead of having to search for it yourself.
When you go to the set up page simply think of all the keywords related to the niche or topic you want to be informed about and enter them in. Always be specific when choosing the keywords or enter long tail phrases in quotation marks so you don't get too many unrelated items. Narrowing down the topic keeps your account from getting flooded and allows you to be able to organize all the information efficiently.
Google Alerts is an envaluable tool for internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. You can see what your competition is up to and their internet activities by entering certain terms and related items which will be delivered to you as they happen online. You can stay abreast of related items and news in your business or field. You can enter a search term germane to your industry and it will collect and aggregate information from the net automatically.
There are many other ways to utilize this versatile tool such as for personal interests and hobbys. You can stay on top of news about your favorite team or whether there are festivals and events in your area. In your business it's very useful to know more information; for example, the sales activities of a business, expansions, new hires, or legal issues. You might just want to keep tabs on what people in your own field are doing and what kind of material they're putting online.
Google Alerts lets you tailor it to suit your specific needs and can be altered by adding or deleting the keywords of a topic or adding or deleting different alert topics as you see fit. You can even have it ring your phone when a particular item lands in your inbox. In addition, you can schedule the rate at which you receive the updates. Try using this convenient aggregation tool and you'll quickly see the benefits of getting information you otherwise may have missed.

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