Going Global- Start With Right Attitude And Communication

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Our world is shrinking, and there are no two opinions about the fact that we live in a global village…all thanks to growing presence of internet and information technology. Businesses, even small companies, are nurturing the dream of going global. And why not, since the possibilities today are endless, contrary to the situation a few years ago. While it is a perfectly achievable goal, dealing with new consumers would demand expanding your communication skills to include the needs of various local markets. Upgrading and improving communication is perhaps the most important and practical part of going global as it will help attract the attention and bring in business. Ronn Torossian , CEO, 5WPR suggested some points to those companies who are on their way to “going global” in his blog. These three seemed most vital to me.

Have a Global PR: While reaching out to new audience, your PR can be of immense help. However, don’t expect “one-size-fits-all” solutions to work for you, globally. It’s up to your PR firm to create market specific messages or find the most appealing angle so that new consumers can identify with it and tune in with it. Being perceptive about the unique features of intended market can place your branding and positioning efforts at an advantageous spot.

Effective Internal Communications for External Gains: Employees and constituents should be “brought aboard” by sharing some of your positive intentions. Do everything to alleviate any potential anxieties or uncertainties and make sure that all harmful rumors about the future are dispelled through proper communication. Harness the power of good communications to jump-start the generation of creative ideas by employees.
Leverage: Remember that markets abroad are open to success stories and there are plenty of opportunities for branding. Venturing into a new market gives you chance to re-brand and re-position your business after learning lessons from your home market. Base your communication on what you stand for and where do you see your product or service in the new market.

Ronn Torossian has a special word for those who own or run an entrepreneurial business. They are the ones who understand more than others that with greater risk comes the greater benefit. When penetrating a new market, you need to reawaken the energies you had when you had just started your business and adopt them. With endless opportunities, the ideal time to seek new avenues, development, and growth outside America is now.

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