Goal Setting Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

Goal Setting Success
Let me begin by saying that I set objectives that are reasonable and doable because I don't do New Year's resolutions. I discuss my goals with friends because I feel it is in tune with my dedication for my objectives. The year before I set an objective to walk 1 hour everyday. I hadn't walked in a while, so I thought this would be a great obstacle to overcome. I was successful. Acknowledging the fact that I exceeded my goal not only made me feel fantastic physically, but mentally as well. The methods which were needed to accomplish it included walking sneakers, a pedometer and the desire to walk in cloudy and rainy days. Here are 3 way to plan out your goals:

1. Make sure these goals are your own, and set them for you.
2. Create reasonable goals.
3. Share your goals with people who will support your dream. This produces the possibility of being dedicated to excellence.

There are many talented individuals who don't invest the time to jot down their objectives, or organize their tactics to accomplish their aims. People would be more successful if they established definitive goals, carried out a strategy to fulfill them, and talked about their goals with peers.

If you have a ship with a rudder, compass, and a map, chances are that ship will get to where it was going.

Goals work the same way. When you write a goal down, it is a chart to your destination. When one sets goals, the individual should jot it down, put the time that it should be completed and have peers sign a card to acknowledge it. This will give the individual momentum to accomplish it. Surrounding yourself with people that support your dream will give you more positive energy. One should also form or join groups of like-minded individuals that are taking the route of success.

Remember to always posses clear goals. Having these goals hidden in a filing cabinet or binder that you never read will be of no avail to you. Create a dream book by posting pictures of what you want on a board. Carry your goals on a small card in your wallet. Place a copy of these goals on your fridge, so you can see when you get up in the morning. Hidden reminders work well. Keep your journal of your accomplishments. You should re-read these accomplishments over and over to feed and harness your success flame.

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