Giving Your Full Attention To Who You Are

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

In order to seriously realize who you are, you will need to learn the difference of the feeling of when you are stopping as you; your heart, and when you are being distracted by what you are not; your chattering mind. To feel this, you will need to learn to give your full attention in every moment.

Your chattering mind will not have you realizing who you are. It simply cannot because your mind knows nothing about this one. The chattering mind is worlds apart from your heart; it is not going to be of any help with any of this.

Neither can your mind get hold of this one that you are, for there is nothing to grasp or to claim. No, you are simply going to have to find where you already are, right now. And your mind is not going to like you doing it. In fact, your mind will make quite a noise.

Once you begin to learn to see past this noise, the chattering mind will then open its bags of subterfuge and it will go into stealth mode. What you can keep on learning through all of this, is that you are the one which is already right here and prior to this active and tricky mind that keeps demanding your attention.

This mind of yours does everything within its power to distract you from realizing who you are. It has so many tricks up its sleeve. It is adept in this art of distraction; it has it all down to a very fine art. However, in every moment that you see the mind's game, you can simply shift your attention away from your thoughts to this aliveness that is flowing through your eyes.

As you continue to find who you are, you will see that this mind has amazing capacities for distracting you from simply being deeply at rest in the realization of who you are. However, all it is really doing is attempting to ensure its survival; like a small child seeking attention. And because this mind is not you, whenever you see that this is what it is doing, you can again shift your attention to who you are.

If you fall into the trap of thinking that you are realizing when it is only you trying to be something that you are not, then you create a very deep pit for yourself where realization will be lost to you. Your mind is not going to have you realizing - not ever.

The mind is ingenious in its capacity to blind you from realizing who you actually are. You are not, as it would have you believe, under its thumb. It keeps distracting you back into believing that it is you. But you already stand before this mind even arises.

You are always here, right here before this mind. You can see this right now. Simply stop right now and focus your attention on this moment, on all that is around you. Here you are, before any labels, judgments, or descriptions made by the chattering mind.

Realization is very simple. But it has to be realized. You have to find where you actually are and stop right there. You are the aliveness that is flowing through your eyes right now. Bring all of your attention to this one and rest here before the thoughts, even as they continue.

Like learning to play an instrument or learning a new skill, realizing who you are requires you to give your full conscious attention. You begin this journey one conscious moment at a time.

It is a natural journey. It has you becoming much more aware of what is going on around you. It brings you fully into your body.

With this movement at the fore, you will naturally find yourself drawn to the things that remind you of who you are and leaving alone those things that are going to distract you from realizing who you are.

So give your full attention to the aliveness that is flowing through your eyes at this moment right now, stop right here and be this one.


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