Get that inner happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Get that inner happiness

What does happiness means to you? Getting a 2 bhk flat, a car,lots of money,and all the comforts and luxury .but does that makes us happy,you must be thinking yes. No i am asking about the real one it does not come with these luxuries and let me tell you people who have more of these comforts and luxuries are the most unhappy and dissatisfied people in the world. Actually we are conditioned to connect our happiness with these materialistic things,without these things a person cant be happy, that is what we think but this all is pleasure which is a temporary in life. We go out for dinner, watch movies, purchase lots of clothes, jewellery ,get that money out of credit cards just like anything but that only gives us pleasure but not happiness. As a child Did we ever connect our happiness with these items?No. A child of a rich person will be equally happy as compared with the child of the poor person because their happiness is real they don't connect it with luxuries.Why it happens that when we see the smile of a child all our stress is gone and we feel happy from inside because we the real happiness on the face of a child which is not pasted by this materialistic things.But slowly child sees that his parents are comparing happiness with comforts, mother saying to his father that what happiness have you given me in life not a single sari i have purchased since 4 years,no TV ,we listen radio and our neighbour has music system, there what happiness come in the form of pleasure. We all want to be happy still we are running behind pleasures.

There are people who think happiness as a temporary phase , they believe that happiness is followed by unhappiness.When circumstances and events are to our liking, we are happy, and when they are not, we feel miserable.When we are happy there is no desire, worry,anxiety, just a calm and relaxed mind, we feel so free that is happiness.

Steps towards happiness

1.Need to control our life- We are so busy in this fast moving life that we don't have time to think and give our self even a single minute. Getting up in the morning we jump from our bed and start getting ready for office. Just get 10 minutes early and give yourself those 10 minutes, just you and your thoughts,listen to your thoughts don't judge them don't stop their flow just let them come.Let them pass in your mind and then see how many negative and positive thoughts were there in your mind. Make a list of negative thoughts, start meditating with it your mind will get relaxed and your negative thoughts will turn positive.
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2. Ask yourself few questions- • What will bring me inner happiness?
• How will I know when I've experienced a new level of inner happiness?
• How will it look and feel — what will be happening or not happening in my life?
• Where would I want to experience more inner happiness? At work? At home? With my family and friends?

When you will answers these questions your quest towards happiness will become easy.

3.Make this attitude that you deserve to be happy- People when have lot of suffering they feel that they only deserve suffering not happiness. Specially when people around us like our relatives, society etc. make us feel that we only deserve unhappiness. Change your attitude and happiness will be with you forever.

4.Take care of your basic needs- Our basic needs are food, cloth, shelter etc.A person who has not eaten for 2 days cant even pretend to be happy. Its important to fulfil our basic needs only then we could start thinking of anything else.

5. Eliminate all that detracts you from happiness-Make a list of things that make you unhappy. It can be toxic relationship (where you get emotional trauma), dissatisfying work, overweight , clutter at your home etc. And then start eliminating them one by one from your life and every step you take towards removing it appraise and reward yourself. It will motivate you more towards achieving your target of real happiness

All the above steps will help you in achieving happiness for your lifetime if implemented religiously.

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