Get New Lease on Life with Anger Management Sessions

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Did anger ever get the better of you? Have you ever felt molten hot anger course through your veins, surging forth with an intensity that renders you momentarily insane? Then, perhaps you are in dire need of immediate assistance from a professional. Often, overruled by emotions, people act on impulse which they later regret. Anger is an intense emotion that everyone experiences at one time or the other. Anger, though a natural response, may at times lead to undesirable consequences. Suppressing the emotion is not the answer, nor giving it full rein, because both extremes can result in catastrophe. Anger is similar to adrenaline rush wherein a person experiences physiological reactions including accelerated heartbeats, palpitations and high-temperature.

Anger is a responsive reaction when confronted with other intense emotions like hurt, fear, frustration, injustice, and betrayal. When confronted with distasteful situations, mounting anger can cause an individual to react violently. Though it is not possible to control anger-provoking situations all the time, with perseverance it is possible to tackle the emotion to some extent. Anger counselling from a qualified therapist can assist you in managing anger in constructive manner, without either suppressing or venting it. Listed below are some techniques you will learn with anger management sessions.

Whether you suffer from mild irritation or full fledge rage, anger management sessions will help you get to the root cause of the problem and accordingly workout a suitable solution. Just like a crab or a tortoise that seeks shelter in their shell at the slightest hint of impending danger, humans too have a defence mechanism wherein they seek refuge when confronted with extreme emotions. Inexplicable bouts of rage might signal to the underlying issues. Understanding the root cause of rage will help you in tackling the problem.

An anger management sessions works on identifying the emotion, feelings and behaviours that contributes towards anger. Different people experience varying degree of physical symptoms with mounting anger including tense muscles, pulsating pain in temple, short breath, knot in stomach etc. During anger management classes, a person will be taught various relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing exercises, and visual imagery to help offset physical symptoms of anger.

Many times anger is provoked due to inescapable situations in life. With counselling, a person will gain self-understanding and better perspective over what is actually bothering them. Once a person has pinpointed the exact cause of their anger they can work through the problem accordingly. In testing times, a person can use anger as a motivational force and bring about positive difference in life.

Your anger may be simply stemming from the fact that you are not voicing your emotions effectively. Learn to be self-expressive and improve your communication skills, which can help others around you to understand you better. Learning to communicate effectively can subsequently help you keep cool in dire situations and control a situation before it gets out of hand. Other than that, a person will be also learning coping strategies in anger inducing situations. All these techniques learned will help a person get new lease on life.



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