How to Get Freedom from Alzheimer Disease and Dementia

Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2018

Researches do not show that there are certain kinds of prevention for dementia and Alzheimer. But it is a fact that if you change your lifestyle, you will be able to put things in check. When you get older, and when the lifestyle changes, certain changes will happen in the brain. Such changes will cause diseases like Alzheimer. To be healthy even at the old age is possible when you follow certain factors in life. Eating healthy to stay healthy should also be the motto you need to follow apart from following a healthy lifestyle to prevent these diseases.

Reduces the cholesterol

Studies show that Alzheimer and cholesterol are interlinked. When there is a high level of cholesterol in the body, it can affect the existence of senile plaque that is found in Alzheimer. Eating healthier food which does not have fats in them will help in reducing cholesterol level. When you control cholesterol, it is extremely good for your health and you will get a lot of benefits apart from preventing the chances of getting dementia and Alzheimer.

Intake of Omega Fatty Acids

To maintain the health of the brain, you need to consume foods that have Omega 3 Fatty acids in abundance. Fish has a rich supply of omega 3 fatty acids that is needed for the brain. Consuming fish without overcooking it will help you gain the right benefits. Hence it is not wise to bake, fry or broil it for long.

Trying out a Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy one, as it includes fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. The fat used in such a diet is olive oil. Such a diet contains omega 3 fatty acids that are very essential for the brain.

Lowers the risk of diabetes

Studies show that there is a close relation between dementia and diabetes. People with diabetes are prone to have higher risks of getting dementia than those who do have diabetes. Hence it would be wise enough to control diabetes the proper way so that you are not attacked by dementia.

Quit smoking

Cardiovascular diseases are the main reasons for getting the risk of dementia. This is the reason why you should quit smoking, as studies show that there will be cognitive decline to the ones who smoke when compared to those who do not.

Try not to get fat

Obesity is a condition that can cause the risks of dementia. According to studies, this is positive for males alone. Being underweight too can lead to dementia. Hence it would be wise enough for you to stay healthy so that you are not affected by dementia. Being healthy, thus means to take care of your body in a complete manner without getting fat.

Give your brain some exercise

As the body needs exercise, so does our brain needs it too. Make your brain think and let it not stay lazy. Playing games like chess will involve your brain in thinking and calculating the moves, which will help it to get sufficient exercise. By doing so, you will be able to get rid of problems that are related to dementia.

Give your brain lots of Vitamin K

Vitamin K is found in leafy vegetables. Consuming lots of greens will help you a lot. Vitamin K is also a good anti aging agent that can make you look young and awesome.

Consume sufficient berries

Fruits, particularly berries are loaded with nutrients. Berries are rich in Anthocyanosides, which are good to maintain the memory. When you include berries to your daily meals, you are helping to maintain the health of your brain.

Get a good amount of sleep

Sleep is extremely essential if you need your brain to work properly. The body needs the right amount of sleep, which will help it to be fresh all day long and letting it stay off from dementia. Lack of sleep and dementia too are related to each other. Hence a good sleep is extremely essential for your body.

Other things to be taken care of

It is not essential for you to maintain your body weight, keep the blood pressure at a normal rate, stay calm and cool, cutting off excess food, avoid alcohol and stay off from fatty food to make your brain healthy and strong. This will help in preventing Alzheimer and dementia to a very large extent. Healthy life and food can act as a boon when you reach your old age, as it helps you remain fit and strong, keeping you off from many diseases.

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