Generalised Anxiety Disorder , what causes it and how can it be stopped?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

When a person experiences anxiety levels that are persistently higher than normal, a term called Generalised Anxiety Disorder is used to describe their condition.
Adults and children alike can be affected by generalised anxiety disorder, but the question is, what causes it to develop?Essentially the reason that anxiety disorders are so prevalent today is because as modern human beings we are constantly exposed to so many 'stressors': traffic, financial worries, employment concerns, bad relationships, etc but we fail do address the anxiety caused by these stressors.

Due to increased adrenaline levels which are artificially elevated as a result of all these stressors, a person can develop generalised anxiety disorder as a result of the body becoming 'used' to being anxious all the time. In other words, the body becomes accustomed to the elevated anxiety levels caused by these stressors. What happens is that the body adopts this new anxiety level as the norm, causing a habit to be formed. In other words, our bodies learn to become anxious because they are used to it! There is now general consensus amongst anxiety experts that a small organ in the middle of the brain called the 'amygdala' is responsible for triggering and perpetuating this anxious habit.

Generalised anxiety disorder is really just a malfunctioning of a normal bodily process. The anxious habit that forms within the sufferer may cause him or her to persistently experience symtpoms of anxiety even in circumstances that would normally not warrant an anxious response. Although none of the symptoms associated with generalised anxiety disorder are harmful, it can be a difficult condition to live with as these symptoms can feel very distressing.

It is normal to feel anxious from time to time, but if you feel that your anxiety levels have become inappopriate, you should consider seeing a practioner for a diagnosis. Fortunately, strange though it may sound, your doctor will in all likelihood diagnose generalised anxiety disorder and not something more serious. The reason that is good news is because all anxiety disorders are easily curable. The Linden Method is a highly effective way of curing anxiety and anxiety related disorders such as OCD and phobias (social, agoraphobia) and I highly recommend it as an alternative to medication to curing generalised anxiety disorder.

Anxiety drugs are often highly addictive and it is advisable to only take them as a temporary measure. What one must understand is that although anxiety can bring some relief to the sufferer by masking his symptoms, anxiety CANNOT be cured by medication.Use medication if you feel that you are not strong enough to not go without it, but when you feel strong enough I would recommend using the Linden Method to address the underlying anxiety disorder that is causing the symptoms to begin with. The Linden Method can be implemented while you are you are on medication as well.

Although generalised anxiety disorder may feel extremely unpleasant, you should try not to worry about it as it cannot cause you harm. Try your best to ignore it in the knowledge that it will pass eventually, because it will. The Linden Method is without a doubt the quickest method of curing generalised anxiety disorder and it comes very highly recommended by both doctors and psychologists world-wide.It is a permanent cure for generalised anxiety disorder and all other types of anxiety disorders, which does not require the use of any drugs and it really does work.. Having cured 136 000 anxiety and panic attack sufferers with a 96.7% success rate, the statistics of the Linden Method really speak for themselves.

I am an expert in the field of anxiety and anxiety related disorders, including generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, OCD and phobias and I have extensive experience in helping sufferers to cure their disorder using natural means.


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