Freedom as a Synonym For Responsibility

Dr. Purushothaman
December 12, 2018

Freedom is the ability to act or express without any constraints. It does not have any psychological dimension. Everybody used to say that.. I want freedom… for those who ask for freedom I want to say only one thing… If you will get freedom, will you be capable to do things independently. If there is necessity you will do. But how many of you can do it responsibly.
Once upon a time their lived a rich rice seller in the village of sirsa which is a small city in Haryana. His name was Rajveer. He was very kind hearted and at the same time he was very wise. One day he went for a walk. Along his way he saw a beggar on the side of the road. The beggar looked like a normal healthy man. The Rajveer gone near by him and asked “ why you are begging, you are looking good and healthy, then why you are not trying for any job?”. The beggar replied “Sir, I went along in search of a suitable job but nobody accepted me and finally I didn’t get any job anywhere”. Then the beggar continued “ Sir, you are looking rich, I think you can help me by giving me a job”. The Rajveer smiled at him and said “ I am not going to give you a simple job. I want you to be my business partner”. The beggar became surprised, he thought that the Rajveer is making fun with him. Then the Rajveer continued “ I own a rice plantation, You can sell my rice at market. I will give you the rice sacks as much as you want. I will also pay the rent for the market stall. You only need to give a fixed amount from your profit”. The beggar then replied with tears of happiness “thank you sir… thank you very much. You are the real God who came for me”. Then the beggar asked him “How much profit you are expecting- 3% for me and 97% for you or 1% for me and 99% for you”. The rich man shook his head and replied “ I just need 3% from your profit balance 97% you can take”. The beggar went speechless for a moment. The beggar knelt down under the foot of Rajveer and replied “I will do as you say”. The beggar started dressing better and he tried to operate the rice store in a good way. He worked very hard. He used to get up early in the morning and slept late at night. The profit went up, this was not only because of his hard work, but also because of the quality of rice.
At the end of the month “our hero” ex-beggar was counting the money and he started liking the feeling of money in his hands. An idea came to his mind. He murmured to himself, hai.. Why should I give my 3% to my business partner?. I didn’t see him the whole month. I just transformed my nights to day and I dedicated my full day in the business. I did all works, then why should I give 3% to my partner. If I had done the work then I deserve the most that is 100%. When his partner came to collect his money the man said ‘’I worked hard for this and you don’t deserve it”. The rich man Rajveer smiled and said “yes, what you said was true, If I would think this earlier this won’t be happening”. I had given all freedom for you to use my wealth, with that freedom I had given a big responsibility to take care of my wealth. But now you proved that you don’t deserve freedom because you are not a responsible person. Freedom always comes with responsibility. You are carrying a sharp knife without holding it tightly. It may injure you badly. So I am going to take back that knife that is the freedom I offered to you. The poor hero understood his mistakes and he just gives all his wealth to Rajveer. He went back to live his old life….. Through this story I just want to convey the importance of responsibility in one's life.
Everybody wants freedom. But before giving or taking it, we should confirm that it went into the right hands at the right time…..

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