Freedom and Happiness is What You Really Wish

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


At the time of writing this article, the overall population of the planet is estimated at close to 6.eight Billion people. This is per the International Programs Center, U.S. Census Bureau. Add to the current, the overall range of folks who have died since the beginning of time.
What you get is the total number of individuals who have ever lived since the foundations of this world were laid; every one unique in his/her own approach; every one (we are told) with a different set of fingerprints. Every one a totally different individual in the slightest degree counts.
Yet there's something very common about each man and lady who has ever walked the face of the earth from the beginning of time. People everywhere, in every culture and in each generation are basically the same, in this respect. They desire solely one thing. It does not matter whether they live in the developed West, middle income countries of the East or in the forgotten corners of Africa, people all around the world yearn for one thing.
During a speech to a gathering of believers, Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968 proclaimed "And I see God operating in this era of the 20 th century in an exceedingly method that men, in some strange means, are responding. One thing is occurring in our world. The plenty of folks are rising up. And wherever they are assembled these days, whether or not they're in Johannesburg, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya; Accra, Ghana; New York Town; Atlanta, Georgia; Jackson, Mississippi; or Memphis, Tennessee; the cry is always the same - 'We tend to wish to be free' " .
Freedom and happiness is that the craving of each heart. It's the hunt of the human spirit. From the beginning of your time, man has continually hunted for these tenets of life. It's as if the seed of freedom is planted in the heart and soul. Every journey of man has been the expression of this freedom; it has been the need for, or the expression of his state of happiness. Freedom and happiness is what you are truly wanting for. Each alternative issue that you have got ever sought to acquire or achieve is your means of achieving the state of freedom and happiness. Shrouded in the will for achievement and quest for material possessions (which by the means are legitimate) is the need for the expression of freedom and therefore the experiencing of true happiness.
What do you desire to attain in your life? What is the deepest longing of your heart? What's the goal of your life? If you asked these queries to every and every person alive today, you would probably get millions, if not billions of various responses. A close analysis of each of these responses, however will purpose to the need for freedom and happiness. "Give me freedom or provide me death" is a statement of intent that was engraved on the guts of man long before Patrick Henry ever created it.
Have you ever wondered why the most prosperous nations of the globe are those who advance the cause of freedom? A free society where folks are inspired to explore their potential may be a progressive society. That's how all the great inventions of this world where achieved. Folks where allowed the freedom to explore what lies beyond. You can only get the best out of man when he is free. The most natural state of man is the state known as "freedom" and "happiness". It's freedom that makes one an individual. Have you ever asked yourself why God created man with a free can? It's during this state called "freedom" that man truly lives. It's when man is free that he is happy. To place it in another way; man is happiest when he's free.
It is however terribly vital that we tend to understand the true nature of freedom and happiness. It is only then that we have a tendency to will begin to claim and acceptable them for ourselves. The items that you truly need: freedom and happiness are at their core, states of mind. Being states of mind, they're under your direct and immediate control. Do you recognize the real reason you are trying for that car, relationship, business, career or whatever it is that you are trying for? I withstand you that it's not necessarily those things that you are ultimately trying for. In and of themselves, these things mean nothing. They are your primary focus as a result of of what you think you'll feel once you get them. The feelings behind them are your true pursuits.
It's not your dream car that you're looking for. It is the feeling that the dream car will bring that's your true supply of motivation. It is not the money that you are really curious about, in the pursued of that business; it is the feeling of freedom and happiness that cash brings or the sense of feat that you are after. Even when your aim is to serve people at no material profit, your true motivation is the feeling that you'll get from your actions. Feelings of freedom and happiness are motivators of human action. Your true motivation is mental not material.
This is where the exciting half begins. If the ultimate want of your heart is freedom and happiness and if it is true that freedom and happiness are ultimately states of mind and therefore under your immediate and direct control, then they're things you'll be able to achieve now. Personal growth and development thus becomes important in you life.
Take possession of your mind. You'll be able to be happy now. You do not have to attend until you purchase that car to be happy. You don't have to wait till your have succeeded in establishing that business to feel better about yourself. Be happy now, while you are still operating on buying the automobile or on building that business or whatever it is that you are looking for. In any case the rationale why you want to shop for that automobile or establishing that business is due to the nice feelings that include having them. Even when you're thinking that in terms of the convenience that this automobile will bring in your life, it is ultimately the sentiments that come with that convenience that you are after.
Feel the sentiments now. No matter it's that you wish in life, you'll be able to decide to feel the feelings of getting already accomplished it. Everything resolves into thought. The wonder is that with this angle of mind, you will be amazed at how quickly you manifest the things you want. Simply this shift in your mentality will boast your productivity and you may attract the stuff you need a lot of quicker. Jesus created reference to the present principle when he said, "Thus I tell you, no matter you ask for in prayer, believe that you've got received it, and it will be yours". It must first exist in your mentality. The identical is true for freedom and happiness. Be free. Be Happy, now. Yes you can.


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