Four Points for Attention When Purchasing Import Auto Accessories

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 2, 2013

Four Points for Attention When Purchasing Import Auto Accessories

During the maintenance and repairing of automobiles, car owners are often worried about careless buying counterfeit parts and not suitable accessories. So, how can you buy qualifying import auto accessories? There are eight points for attention.

1. Check whether sigh of the registered trademarks are complete. Authentic products are in high-quality packaging, with clear writing on the packing box and the bright color of the overprinting. There should be product names, specifications, types and models, quantity, registered trademarks, factory names, addresses, and telephone numbers, etc on the packaging boxes and bags. Some manufacturers also print their marks on the accessories. Some important parts like the generator, distributor, and fuel injection pump come with instructions for use, certification, and inspector seal in order to guide users to the correct use and maintenance. When you purchase imported auto accessories, you should carefully identify them to prevent buying fake and shoddy products.

2. Check whether geometry distortion has transformed or not. Due to improper manufacture, transportation, and storage, some parts are easy to deform. When you are checking them, you can make a roll of axis parts along with the glass pane to see if there is light leakage between the accessories and the glass pane; when choosing sheets of steel or friction films for the clutch plate, you may hold them in eyes to observe if they are warping; in the purchase of oil seal, the end surface of the oil seal with a skeleton should be round, and can fit the flat glass without warping; outer edge of oil seal without skeleton should be straight. Hold it with your hands and make it out of shape. It is normal if it recovers when you let it go; when in the purchase of all types of cushioning, you should also pay attention to checking the size and the shape.

3. Check whether the combining site is smooth. During transporting and storage, due to vibration and bumps, there are often burrs, indentation, breakage, or flaws in the combining site of auto parts, affecting their working. Be aware of those when purchasing.

4. Check whether there is corrosion on the surface of the auto accessories. Qualified spare parts enjoy a certain precision and shiny finish. The more important the parts are, the higher accuracy they have, and the stricter the packaging rust protection and corrosion prevention is. Be aware of that when purchasing. If you find there are corrosion spots, moldy spots or chaps of rubber parts, loss of flexibility, or significant turning tool lines on the journal surface, the accessories should be reversed.


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