Forgiveness: The Key That Opens Any Door.

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

It all started in June immediately after the May devotion that the Assistant Parish Priest and youth chaplain of the Parish I belong announce from the alter that every Friday beginning form the very first Friday that there would be an exposition of the blessed sacrament (Holy Eucharist) from 9am and ending with the Holy Mass alongside benediction.

Some if not many parishioners of Amukoko Parish of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church did not take it serious not until visible testimonies and miracles began rolling in. the number of parishioners increased tremendously that on the very last Friday of June, the same priest announced that the exposition of the Holy Eucharist would continue until further notice. No doubt, the numbers of parishioners and visitors who have an understanding and knowledge of the power of Holy Eucharist it simply unexplainable. Truly, with God, all impossibilities are possibly.

Another Friday is around the corner. Like the saying goes - expect the usual. Yes, expect the usual indeed but remember God’s thought are not always and would never be the same as that of man even though he remain the same from generations to generations. This Friday for me, broke out from the norm. it is no obligation day but we have the able presence of three ordained catholic priests to celebrate the Holy Mass believed by Catholics worldwide as the highest prayer to be said by mortals to God. Why? It symbolizes ‘the last supper’ i.e. Jesus Christ very last time with his disciplines together in the breaking of bread (His Body) and wine (His Blood) offer to all for redemption and life everlasting.

The Holy Mass about to be celebrated was the ‘mass for forgiveness’. I was cold, troubled from inside and hope that truly, I can forgive no matter the magnitude as well as ask for forgiveness from individuals I have directly and indirectly offended. As the gospel - Luke 15:11 - 32 was read, unconsciously, tears rolled down as I witness and experience the healing power of true and sincere forgiveness. I felt absolutely free and happy like never before. The joy of true forgiveness can’t be quantified. I want you to both experience not even the same joy but greater joy, absolute freedom and happiness.

As I reflect in my inner chamber, anxious of knowing about my spontaneous inner healing and peace that reflected outwardly, it dawn on me that I have forgiven three persons - myself, others and God. In no particular order, let me on these three persons
I forgave others: I can recall clearly that when the priest was explaining the homily, I heard a voice clearly - how can you (Godwin) receive when you’ve closed the door.

I enquire - How? Which door are you talking about?

The voice said to me; the door to anything you desire - health, wealth, business breakthrough, financial freedom …
the voice was still talking when I cut in; my door has always been open.

The voice echoed; Unforgiveness! Unforgiveness!! Unforgiveness!!!

I pulse wanting to remember

The voice cuts in again; just let go

Battling with myself of whether or not to let go especially my parents, siblings and closest pals that

the voice in a whispering tone said; how can I release that which you need when you can’t let go. Remember, you are always asking me to let go of any wrong of your and instantly, I let go. Do the same to your parents, siblings and closest pals.

As the voice gradually fades away, all I could hear was - seventy seven times. In tears, sincerely and honesty of heart, I cried out - Daddy, Mummy I forgive you. Friends that I did remember their names,

I called out and said; I forgive you. My true forgiveness healed me and restored joy unspeakable as well as opened doors.

Furthermore, as if it’s not enough, the voice returned again. This time, I was calm as anyone even a few weeks old baby can denote from my tone that I need help.

The voice said; two more to go.

In a friendly manner, I ask politely; please can you give me their names.

The voice happily responded - u and I.

Shock and surprise. How? Why you and me? This can’t be true. It’s impossible.

The voice said; yes, it is. You and I are the remaining factor preventing the door from opening.

Can you explain I replied?

You. Yes, you have not and is not happy with your achievements. You are unhappy because from your personal assessment, you are stagnant irrespective of various efforts of yours.

That’s true. I replied.

You hold yourself responsibly which is good but not forgiving yourself, prevent you in moving to the next stage.

I was speechless but listen with an undivided attention.

Now me. I recognize both your strength and weaknesses. I acknowledge and have a perfect knowledge of your efforts in letting go your bad habits. The fact still remain that you - Godwin concluded since you were not getting what you asked from me that I - the creator of the universe don’t care about you. Lie. Godwin you lie. I have always cared about you even when you were faithless, I was faithful. I have always given you that which I know would not bring you trouble. I know you - Godwin better than you think you know yourself. Just as I know that you would write something about ‘forgiveness’. The voice continued,

when I simply said; Lord Jesus, gazing at you on the cross with your hands spread out and arms widely open in total submission to the will of your Father in heaven, I have forgiven myself of every failures recorded. I have also forgiven you - LORD. For my faithlessness, doubts and unbelief for every of your promises towards me from my academics, profession, business to finance, health and relationship…

when I regain consciousness, I heard from the speakers the prayer of forgiveness - psalm 51. Opening my eyes, I saw the other priest raised the crucifixes up as he concluded; LOOK UNTO JESUS AND SINCERELY ASK FOR FORGIVENESS.

My true and sincere forgiveness indeed healed me. I now experience joy unspeakable as doors are beginning to open in my favour. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forevermore.

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Godwin 3ple-i is an African by birth, a Nigerian by blood and citizen of the world by intellect... the author of the book - Silver Lining published by AuthorHouse.

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