Forgiveness Is The Remedy To Control Anger

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Anger is something which can definitely take control of our lives if we allow it. When anger management is lacking, anger can manifest itself into other problems. Your quality of life can be affected since you will be wasting much of our time being upset over something that probably does not matter anymore. Studies have shown that in people who have trouble managing their anger, depression systems can develop as well as a whole host of health issues.

It is easy to find a reason to be angry. In a world where people are often more concerned with themselves and not at all about how what their actions affect those around you finding someone to be angry at is easy. Whether it is someone that cuts you off in traffic, keeps you waiting in line for no apparent reason, or a co-worker that takes credit for your work, there are reasons to get angry surrounding us all the time.

Without proper anger management skills it would be easy to walk around all day mad, snarling at the world, and snapping at every one. Do that long enough and you will soon find that no one will come near enough for you to get angry at them.

This would be one way to handle issues that anger you, but what would be worse, having the world avoid you or being angry at it all the time? Neither is actually good; there is one anger management skill that could help you get beyond many common issues that upset people- forgiveness.

Most people will empathize with a person that gets angry after getting cut off in traffic. They will also empathize with your anger over a co-worker taking credit for your work or any of a thousand things that can go wrong in the typical day. However, while getting that understanding is take under consideration the way you felt from when the incident happened till when you told the story- you were angry. You wasted energy and time fuelling your negative feelings about a person who may or may not even know that they did anything upsetting to you (who may not even care if they are aware.

Why be upset when the other person either does not know or care? It wastes more of your time while they just continue with their day. One anger management technique that may be hard, but will become easy once you get use to it is forgiveness.

Forgive that person who is either in a real rush or not a very good driver. Forgive the co-worker that has to take your ideas to make up for their own shortcomings. Forgive as many of the little things that tend to build up into big ones as you can and you will be able to handle larger issues that may have made you angry before without losing control.


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