Follow These 7 Tips On How To Find A Life Coach!

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2014


It's important to learn everything you can about life coaching services before you find a life coach. Whether you've hit a dead end in life, or simply want something more challenging from your career, you need to learn about life coaching and how it can help you!
Before you find a life coach, it's important to understand exactly what they do. A good life coach is someone who will listen to you, observe your habits, customize a plan for you, and support you on your road to success. If you are in a slump, and need a "push" into the right direction, then this type of service will provide you with the help you need.
Life coaching programs are designed to help you understand your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Many people hit a dead end in their careers and life in general. During coaching sessions, you can discover WHY you are at a dead end, and what you need to do to move forward. As long as you choose the right coach, you can get the support you need as you try and move forward.
With that said, here are some tips on how to find a life coach:
1. Decide whether you want to go through a company or hire an independent coach. If you go through a company, be sure to inquire about their hiring processes. Do they screen their coaches? Do the individuals they hire have certification?
2. Certification is another important factor. Not all people who claim to be "life coaches" actually have a certification from an accredited school. Certified coaches have been thoroughly trained to provide clients with the best service and support possible. Certification requirements typically include over 300 hours of training, 100 hours of which include face-to-face training.
3. An effective coach should be able to provide references from his or her past clients. You should be able to contact some former clients to ask them if they are satisfied and happy with the coach's influence on their lives. Never acquire the services of someone who can't provide you with references upon request.
4. Not all coaches will be a good match for you. Some specialize in specific areas. You need to choose someone with whom you can form a strong connection. Be sure to speak directly potential coaches. Some offer complimentary sample sessions. Try out a few before making your final decision. Hire the professional who seems to understand your problems the most.
5. Ideally, you should choose someone with whom you can speak face to face. Talking over the phone with a life coach can be helpful, but it's not as effective. There are professionals and companies available all across the globe, so, if you can, try to find a good coach in your area.
6. The coach you choose should be available whenever you need help. He or she should have coaching as a full time job. A lot of trainers and speakers only offer consultation services when their other work dries up. It can take hundreds of hours of coaching for you to get your life back on track, so you need somebody who will always be around.
7. Before making your decision, make sure you understand exactly how the coaching is going to work, and how much you will be paying. Different coaches have different rates. Some offer payment plans, and some require money upfront. They should work out a flexible program that is compatible with your own schedule. Now, cheap doesn't mean better. A coach who doesn't charge very much is probably either inexperienced or struggling to find clients. Maybe both. Keep in mind that you will get what you pay for.

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