Focusing Your Mind On A Project

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

Our mind has the ability to control our emotions, how we move and how to react on any situations. Our mind can be able to focus on certain things which are important in our life day by day. We just have to know what is it and how are we going to work on it. People who are successful often focus their minds to be successful. Being focused on a certain task or project will make it easier and more effective that you’ll finish the job in no time. Your mind creates an image of what you want to achieve.

Focusing can be hard with distractions on the way. So you need to eliminate these distractions in order for you concentrate on a project at hand to be successful in it. You need to clear your table of other things so that you can just focus on one thing. You need to ignore the internet and other computer programs that is not relate on your work (you might as well turn off the computer if you don’t need it right away to avoid distractions). You need to work on a place which is noise free, but some people works best with music so it depends on where you work best with. As much as possible do not use your cell phone when working. That’s why we have voicemails and caller ids so that we would know if its an important call from somebody important. If not, then we can ignore them and call back later on after we’re done with what we are doing.

You also need to think of what you need to do before starting on a project. It is necessary and will be easier if you visualize your project on what you need to do. Make a plan on how to do your project. Write down the major steps on what you are going to do from start to finish. Allot a approximate time you will be working on each step. You also need to have a break from time to time to relax your brain and also you must reward yourself at the end of the day. The plan you wrote is your guide in what you’re going to do today. You need not to allow distractions to ruin your plan.

Remember, being creative on your project can also help you get good marks later on. But by being creative, it will be more challenging and requires patience. First, write an outline and start on a draft. After the draft, if you have some editing to make then you can edit it while still in draft where you can make modifications without ruining the whole project. You also need to remember that you need to make good quality rather than quantity. Rushing will make it not so good, while slowing down can help you find some things that needs more alterations and you will be able to find ways to have fun while working which will make things easier and more interesting.

After the day has ended and you have done your best, you should look back and recognize your accomplishments for the day. Then make another plan on what you’re going to do tomorrow, then leave it for the rest of the day. Reward yourself with a nice cup of tea and a warm bath to relax your body and regain your strength and energy before working again tomorrow.

By: Jemiel Simundo

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