Finding Inspiration Everywhere

Dr. Purushothaman
December 17, 2013


The key in finding inspiration is to apply all your five sense and be present in all that you do. The American Heritage Dictionary defines inspiration as, "the stimulation of the mind or emotion to a high level of activity or feeling." It is something or anything that moves your soul and touches your heart. It really depends on whatever mood you're currently in determines what truly will inspire you. But before you go and start looking and searching for your inspiration, you need to set the mood so you could be open-minded in perceiving and receiving whatever comes your way.

As for me, I always turn to music to set my mood. And it also depends on which type of songs you look for tells you many things about what mood you're in right now. So you could either choose for a song to change your mood or a song to match your present mood. In addition, there's another style to set your mood; you could choose the clothes to your liking. You can get a warm and cozy feeling inside just by wearing your favorite and comfortable shirt or pair of blue jeans. So choosing your mood is really up to you.

To find inspiration, the best place to find it is within yourself. Be sure to utilize all those five senses when trying to look for inspiration. You could use your thoughts and imagination and let them flow around freely. Now, take a deep breath and relax. You can actually smell your favorite cake baking in the oven. You can dig those memories, past events, dreams and countless experiences. Okay, try incorporating other senses. So, where are you now--are you at your parents' house? And who do you see--and what are they saying? The next time you picture out a certain scene, ask yourself these questions for more vividness and you can later share your story and experiences for coming generations.

Personally, my favorite place to look for my inspiration is just outside with Mother Nature. Yes, just Mother Nature and me. Silently observe her beauty unfolds right before your very eyes and everything in it. The stars in the night, the sunset or even the trees--and the way they sway willingly when the breeze blows. Also, take note of the colors and the way they blend and harmonize each other. Mother Nature sure knows best which colors look cool together. The next place to find is your mentor, child, best friend, spouse, loved one or any confidante. With a little guidance from them, they can put us right back on track in searching for inspiration.

And you just have to admit that sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves and they want the best for us. Another thing that really sparks my inspiration is through music. It bridges association which could be a terrific way to awaken those memories that may soon become just mere remnants of the past if remained untapped. Listening to the melody, enjoying the rhythm and lyrics, I get to experience somebody else's memory which could be an inspiration itself.

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