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Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

The future complexities always fascinate mankind. This makes people anxious to know their prospects and to acknowledge job opportunities. Owing to this reason and intricate life riddles, people turn to astrology.

The branches of astrology include financial astrology dealing with financial status and wealth problems in one’s life. The monetary success of an individual is referred. The financial astrology aspects take hold of financial matters and help living a secure life to its fullest.

Money and finance astrology rules each planet and deciphers unique position in finding the monetary situation. In some, the sun is strong in the financial house indicating job satisfaction and making money. If Mercury and Moon are present in the money house, you will earn money and will be highly sensitive in this issue. Moon creates insecurity in the financial status, but Mercury offers amazing opportunity related to transport and communication.

Venus in the second and eighth place makes life beautiful. It ensures money through entertainment and artistic talents. It makes you meet both ends. Jupiter helps in ruling financial houses making you feel lucky. People involved in shares get good benefits.

Saturn keeps you dedicated and ambitious towards work and earning security, besides achieving goals. Uranus allows gaining money through inventive ways, while Neptune facilitates taking benefit through liquor and oil business. Pluto helps in using the resources carefully.

Money Astrology reveals the financial status that appears to be invisible outside. In fact, Indian astrology determines the accumulation of money in one’s life, inflow sources, investment successes, areas showing good potential of earning, age up to where one can expect finances, years of high and low income.

The fact cannot be denied that money and finance astrology has a perfect logic and is widely accepted that one can become a millionaire if he works hard, yet astrology needs to support him in full force to become a billionaire. Hence, understanding the financial astrology helps in dealing the inter-connected elements and predictive science. The Jupiter and Science are determinant factors and hence hold significance.

Money and career is complex with its planets analysis to 30% and 50% houses. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are the designators of money and also the astrological 12 houses showing 2nd,5th to 8th, 10th-11th houses. The income is represented in the 2nd house, while 6th indicates receiving money and 5th is for investments, 8th house represents lottery or inheritance,7th for business, 11th for profit and 10th for career. Regardless of which house the money comes from, the 11th house is a must to satisfy all the desires and to enjoy your wealth.

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