Financial Freedom

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

What is Financial Freedom?

The Ancients had their cattle and their flocks…

The wealth was in the land…

It was true financial independence…

We think of financial freedom as being financially free…

Financial freedom is having the time and money to do,
What You Want… When You Want…

Anciently cattle and flocks were used to leverage time and money. It was true wealth creation. They had financial independence and time freedom. Today we get a job, and slave away, hoping for financial freedom someday.

How do we get true financial freedom? We have to separate ourselves from our income source. In others words we have to leverage our time and our money so that time and money are working for you. You’ll never be free if you always exchange your time for money.

Robert Kiyosaki,
“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Series Author of books

The public school system teaches us:

That the way to “financial freedom” is to prepare to get a job. That we are in the classroom to prepare for a JOB.

A JOB for LIFE! …to BE EMPLOYED for the rest of your life!

They teach this as good economics. But, what is being taught in the public schools today, really is NOT applicable to running your own business or being an entrepreneur.

The system does not teach you how to be independent or how to be a leader. It only teaches you how to be hired by someone else.

The modern educational system prepares you to be leveraged, by an employer, for your whole life. Then you get to retire broke! …are you serious?

We actually believe this stuff?

Is this slave labor or what?

Throughout history ALL slaves have had some sort of family life, a roof over their heads, and food to eat… Does that sound like we are being prepared to be corporate slaves?

Yes! We’re taught to get a job and work for someone else… (for 40 years) then retire broke.

NOW! They say, ” You can relax and travel the world…” (on less money than you had before) …and do all the things you ever dreamed of…) not hardly…

That’s got to be the stupidest plan ever…
Come on… Really? You can’t be serious?

Let’s Live Life” NOW!

What? …are you waiting for? Create Your Dream Life NOW!

What would happen if schools actually taught you HOW to leverage your time â€" your energy â€" and your money? Would it be possible to have financial freedom?
(…total economic freedom?)

Wealth Creation Concepts

Because having your own money gives you dignity.It gives you freedom.

The “American Dream” of working a JOB for 40 years, so you can retire, debt free, with plenty of money in the bank is not happening for most people.

Is this what we have been working so hard for?
Who wants to spend their whole life working, to retire broke? No one!

You cannot experience financial freedom without learning how to leverage your time, your energy, and your money?

This is the BIG appeal for the Network Marketing Profession
(which is becoming a way of life for more and more people)

The Network Marketing Profession

How you can leverage your time, your energy, and your money to
create economic freedom.

Instead of you, working for your money… You have your money and other people’s money, working for you…

A penny doubled every day for 31 days is a good example of how the numbers work. You do the math…

Marketing is A Skill

A skill by definition, is something that can be learned.
Marketing is a foundational skill, that’s important to learn because every one loves to buy but NO one wants to be sold…

So learning how to market what you have to offer, so you don’t make people feel like they are being sold, is an important skill to acquire. Study and practice… Take advantage of technology.

Your SKILLS are your security. If you develop the skill nothing can stop you.

So how do we get money?

Someone has to give it to us… Right?
Usually that someone is whoever you work for. You get money from only one person. Wouldn’t it be better to figure out how to get a lot of people to give you money?

Network Marketing is a money getting system. It’s a system that leverages your time and your money…

It’s a system that lets a lot of people give you money, instead of you only getting money from one person. (your job).

Please let me introduce you to the concept of Network
Marketing and Affiliate Marketing combined. The system helps you and lets you promote any business you want.

To get a good understanding of these concepts, click on the link below and watch the video.
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