Financial freedom/ Rescue mission

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

Financial freedom is everyone's dream but only few achieve that's why first of all you have to ask yourself honestly, "Why I never become financially free even I work so hard and long hours in my job everyday for many years and yet still struggle financially.

To understand even better let's realize this...

Your grand parents had a job. Your parents had a job. You're doing it. One day your children will graduate and start looking for a job. They will do the same routine, wake up in the morning, go to work, come back, pay all the bills and follow this same routine by their children. And their children's children. You know already the result at the end, struggle financially for life. This process go on and on unless some one stops and changes the path to financial freedom.

The thing is, have you ever tried to figure it out what is the problem? If your're honestly asking all these questions, then this is the right place.

Whether you know or not, most people don't, even they know they have no idea or a clue what to do?

The value of money had changed in 1971, after President Richard Nixon took the money off the gold standard. Which means the money that you're working for has no value anymore like before. It doesn't mean to say not to work but rather convert your hard earned money into something valuable. Invest in something that will provide you cashflow everyday, the game of the 3%(Rich). Which will also secure you and your family's financial future. The main secret is, let the money work for you, not you work for money. That's the only way to achieve your financial goal. And also realize this, JOB means "Just over broke" and will never give you that financial freedom that everyone is desperately looking for their whole life.

If you work for money that's what happen, you end up poor and 97% people in the world work for money, always facing to financial troubles. But the other 3% people, money work for them. That's why they're the one who has all the freedom. The point here is, follow what 3% people do, not 97% people. Are you not tired or had enough of following what 97% people do? Always working for the other 3% people and make them rich. Giving your valuable time just for monthly paycheck. Please, question yourself, is that all what you capable of or more than that. Do yourself a favour, re-think seriously and start taking the matter in your own hand and consider taking care of your own business rather than taking care of someone else's business. Start making yourself rich.

But still the choice is yours, where you want to be in the next 5-10 years. If you keep on doing the same thing today, you'll keep on getting the same result tomorrow. But if you start doing different thing today then you'll start getting different result tomorrow.

By this time you might have thinking what is the solution? What should I do? Right?

If so, then take a first step, "CHANGE".

If you seriously consider "CHANGE" in your life and your love one's life, and heading towards financial freedom then you owe to yourself "Congratulation" and with that change and a little step start building your own business empire from the comfort of your home. Do not ignore the power of "CHANGE" and a little step that many people ignored.

And yet, the good news,

Thanks to the internet, an ordinary people can build their own global business empire from their own home with a very low investment that anybody can afford it. No high risk, no hassle and headache for the start up cost, to rent a place, paying wages to employee etc.. The fact is that many ordinary people has already made fortune, all walks of life- house mom, farmer, driver, cleaner, teacher, doctor, engineer you name it etc..etc.. many success stories. Let you be the next success story as to financial freedom.

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