Financial Freedom Is Necessary...Especially For Moms

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

Financial Freedom is high on everyone's New Year's Resolution List without fail, but how does this relate to individuals versus families or even Moms?

As a mother of five, I've gleaned some wisdom about survival! The majority of issues I've experienced, either personally or through my friends, has been centered on two major issues...Money and Sex!

Both of these issues, if handled properly in their personal relationships could alleviate almost all headaches, and promote healthy families that thrive for generations.

The sex topic is complicated and requires serious attention to moral and ethical values; but the money topic is either have money or you don't.

Those who don't have money face a different challenge than those who do. Especially with current unemployment rates, and even more so if you're a stay-at-home-mom.

Where does financial freedom come into play, and how does this affect the entire family?

Whether you're a male or female-the desire to take care of your family and have a comfortable lifestyle is valid and many people all over the world make tremendous daily sacrifices to this reason alone. The bottom line-when you're working 40+ hours a week on a job outside of the home, you're hardly going to have any time to spend with your family.

This is what I call The Great Exchange - the most important sacrifice we make for our families. And for some of us, this is our only option.

I grew up in a single parent family, and this was our paradigm. I hardly spent any time with my mother, except for the weekends. I was also involved in a lot of High School and collegiate sports, but she was only able to attend very few events. In college, we actually won two championships, but my mother couldn't come because she was working.

Do I regret this time of my life?

Absolutely not! Even though financial freedom wasn't ever discussed, this is how my life had to be; but I want my children to have a different experience.

I want to be there for them. I want to be physically and emotionally present as an integral part of everything that happens in their lives. So far, I've gotten to attend their first gymnastics class and recital, and I've been present for every doctor appointment. I was there the first time they tied their shoes and rode their bicycles. The only times I've missed have been the times when I had to attend school or work away from home.

Because of these short times away, I've missed the first days crawling, I've missed first steps, and I've even missed my oldest son's baby teeth falling out...ugh!

These may not seem like important events to the average person, but if you can remember when you were a kid, these were the most important things in your life. And if your mom, dad, or grandmother was able to be there, supporting you and celebrating with much more memorable!

If you're interested in becoming a better parent, if you want to become more involved in your children's life, if you want to stop missing all the events that are important to your kid, I recommend you start looking at online business opportunities.

You must become boldly relentless about your financial freedom - with no exceptions.

It breaks my heart to hear parents say that they can't relate to their children, and I want to cry when I hear a kid say how much they hate their parents.

Although family dysfunction occurs on many different levels, it's been proven that quality time acts like a healing balm or a salve that brings people closer together and forges indestructible bonds. Personally, I don't ever plan on missing another important event in my children's lives!

That's why I've begun working from home...a strategy for financial freedom.

You may regret the hours, days, and weeks you've spent away from home, and you might be trying to make up for lost time.

Find quality information about how you can work from home, earn a decent living for your family, and enjoy your life. This will be the first step toward getting your life back, building the lifestyle you desire, and gaining your financial freedom.

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